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Why Doesn't my Dog Wag its Tail anymore

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Doesn't my Dog Wag its Tail anymore

Whether it’s the huge Great Dane or the small Beagle, as soon as your furry friend wags its tail your mood will instantly light up. This simple action of fun, energy and playfulness is what every dog owner wants to see in his/her pet. A drooping tail signifies that the dog is either sad or going through some pain. Sometime people overlook it considering it as an act of sadness. But there might be some serious reason behind the tail which had stopped wagging. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know the answer of the question: “Why doesn’t my Dog wag its tail anymore?”

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  1. When the wagging stops
  2. Limber Tail
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment

When the wagging stops

For a dog owner the barometer of his/her dog's happiness and health is its tail. If you are going away leaving your dog at home then he most probably will not wag his tail showing sadness. But if it had came back after playing and having fun and has suddenly stopped wagging its tail then you might have some concerns. The most basic instinct for dog owner is to check the dog’s tail to see whether it is broken or not. If it is not broken then the reason might be Limber Tail.

Limber Tail

Limber Tail syndrome is caused due to muscle injury often due to high intensity work like swimming in cold water, exposure to cold weather or excessive exercise. The severity of Limber Tail varies according to the muscle damage in your pet.

If your dog’s tail is sticking out a few inches and then drooping, then it is suffering from Limber Tail. If you can see some raised hair at the base of the tail then the Limber Tail syndrome is accompanied by swelling. Dogs suffering from Limber Tail can face difficulty in sitting or lying down. Some dogs completely stop wagging their tail due to the pain.

Why Doesn't my Dog Wag its Tail anymore - Limber Tail

Diagnosis and Treatment

If your dog doesn't wag its tail anymore then you must pay a visit to your vet. The best way to diagnose Limber Tail is by electromy – opathy of the tissues or by radiography to decide the amount of inflammation.

To treat a Limber Tail you can use the following methods:

  • Let your pet rest and do not urge it for any physical activities.
  • Place warm pack at the base of yourdog’s tail. It helps in reducing the pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs can also be given for relief. But always consult the vet before giving any type of medication to your dog.

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Why Doesn't my Dog Wag its Tail anymore