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Why does my Dog Shed so Much

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why does my Dog Shed so Much

There are many causes that can cause hair loss in your dog. Among the most common factors are stress, some allergies, an improper diet or certain hormonal changes. The real priority to combat excessive shedding is to know what causes the problem and thus to solve the matter as soon as possible. And you always have to keep in mind that your dog goes shed its its hair naturally twice a year. On we explain why your dog sheds so much.

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If your dog sheds hair, the reasons may be varied and different in origin. Here we detail the most common causes:

  • Nasty diseases such as diabetes or scabies.
  • It can also result from an unbalanced diet that is not well adapted to your furry friend's special dietary needs.
  • Another common reason that can cause hair shedding is allergic dermatitis.
  • Still, the problem can also be psychological and more complex to treat as your dog may be suffering from anxiety, or such severe stress that their hair falls out.
  • Then, there's the hormonal changes. These changes are other causes that can cause hair loss in dogs, in fact it mostly strikes pregnant bitches.
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Your dog may also shed so much by its own actions, that is to say, when it licks or scratches an area of fur compulsively. A dog suffering from scabies, a disease caused by a mite that causes itching and discomfort, may lose hair from scratching and it can also be due to an allergy that causes sores and itchiness. Also your dog, especially if it is a small breed, can suffer when given vaccines. Scientifically, this is known as "post-vaccination alopecia". If your dog suffering from these symptoms you should try to avoid certain vaccines.

Another aspect that you should bear in mind, is that there are different breeds of dog that suffer from hair loss such as the boxer and the bulldog. These breeds in particular have very sensible skin, which means the're prone to irritation and allergies which afflict the skin.

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Your furry friend could even suffer from hair loss because of seasonal alopecia. This affects dogs later on in the year when there's less sunlight, like in Autumn and Winter. After those seasons pass, the problem usually disappears too. Do not forget that dogs have to shed their hair twice a year: during the cold, hair does not shed and when the hot summer rolls round, then the hair starts to fall off naturally.

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Food is key for the health of your dog and if you do not follow the stated guidelines, this may cause hair loss in your dog. An unbalanced diet which is lacking in nutrients is one of the most common causes of hair loss. In this case, the specialist will prescribe you special food to strengthen the dog's fur.


If your dog has Alopecia areata due to stress you'll need to find the reason for their stress to finally be able to fix it and to free your pet from the constraints of anxiety. In some cases, your dog may recover the hair so it will go back to its usual state, but in some cases the hair may not grow back.

Another type of disorder that affects the hair of your pet is lateral alopecia, the cause of which is a compulsive licking of certain body parts. This attitude is usually triggered by nervousness or stress and the result is hair loss in the area. There are many dogs suffering from separation anxiety and whenever they're left alone, they begin to lick this way. If you realize the dog scratches or licks too, see a doctor immediately.

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Whatever the reason may be, abnormal hair shedding must be taken on directly. Treatment will vary depending on the origin of the alopecia. Each case is different and the dogs may require different treatments. The bottom line is that when you detect this problem, consult the vet to assess the case and find the origin. For example, if the dog had scabies, then there's medication to combat the parasite.

Remember to always use specific products for the hygiene of your dog. If you do not want to use shampoos or anti-parasitic products, you may want to provoke any allergies as those would affect your pet's skin consequently. For more information on the subject, take a look at our article on how to stop your dog fron shedding hair.

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Why does my Dog Shed so Much