Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me

We know that cats love to sleep a lot. This is due to various factors, such as maintaining energy reserves or body heat. However, there is also something that no cat owner can ignore; this pet not only likes to sleep but loves to do so on top of us, their owners. This gesture inevitably endears them to us. However, as well as being moving there are some good reasons why house cats curl up on us while we're resting. Do want to know what they are? In this OneHowTo article we explain why your cat sleeps on top of you.

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The cat likes the heat it receives when sleeping with you

We know that cats are not fond of the cold and that in winter they look for heat from blankets, indoor heating or the sun to feel warm and comfortable. And of course when it comes to sleeping there is nothing better than to do so with your owner. But why does my cat sleep on top of me? Who doesn't love a little extra heat and being as comfortable as possible... Your body heat is a great source for cats to feel warm in winter, so you will notice that, as the weather gets warmer, your cat will do so less and less frequently.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me - The cat likes the heat it receives when sleeping with you

Your pet feels protected

While cats are very independent animals, this does not mean that they don't enjoy daily games, affection, cuddles and of course our company, which makes them feel much safer. They see us as part of their litter so they do things like lick us to show that we are one of theirs or sleep with us to feel safer from any possible predator.

Although no one will attack the cat in your house, their instincts still dominate, and they enjoy being protected and surrounded by their owner(s) while resting.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me - Your pet feels protected

A way of showing affection

Not all cats are the same. Despite this these animals are known to be very unsociable because they don't show the same affection as other domestic pets, such as dogs.

However, the fact that your cat sleeps on you or lies down to rest in your lap is a clear sign of love and affection. It wants your attention, enjoys your company and is happy to have you at home providing heat.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me - A way of showing affection

The best way to strengthen ties

For your pet it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with you and receive all the benefits that this brings. For many cats it is important to sleep with their owners, especially in the colder months, but remember that this decision is personal and you should only accept it if you're comfortable with it.

Otherwise, choose a good corner of the house that is not too cold for your cat's bed and help them to get used to sleeping in this place. If you are unsure of how to do this, in our article on how to stop my cat from jumping on my bed we give you some tips.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me
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Why Does My Cat Sleep On Top Of Me

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