When Do Snake Eggs Hatch

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
When Do Snake Eggs Hatch

Most importantly, you should know that not all snake species lay eggs. Some species, like the rattlesnakes, vipers, boas, ribbons and garters give birth to living young ones. Among egg laying snakes, the number of eggs they lay, when they do that and after how much time they hatch depends on the size and species of the snake. Bigger snakes in the same species lay bigger egg clutches than smaller ones. Some species lay 3 or 4 eggs at a time only, while others lay as many as 100. In this article, we are going to tell you when do snake eggs hatch according to different snake varieties.

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Grass snakes

The Grass snake is the only snake in Britain that lays eggs. Mating of these snakes happens between March and June. After copulation, the female looks for a nesting place, and lays her eggs in manure or compost heaps, probably because warm conditions are created in these places due to rotting vegetation. White leathery eggs start developing, depending on the temperature, but the actual hatching takes place around 6 to 8 weeks after laying the eggs. The hatchling uses its egg tooth to chip the egg’s shell and escape from the egg. It loses this egg tooth soon after coming out. A grass snake lives up to 15 years after coming out from the egg.

Corn snakes

Typically, there are around 15 eggs form a clutch for these corn snakes, almost all of which hatch if the conditions remain good. Ideal conditions for corn snake hatching are moist conditions with a temperature between 78 to 84 ˚F. The eggs take around 60 days to hatch. The young ones remain in the eggs for a few days even after hatching to soak up the nutrients.

When Do Snake Eggs Hatch - Corn snakes

Black snakes

Breeding season for these snakes ranges from May to end of June. A female lays 6 to 24 eggs in July, depending on the size of the female. A female black snake can reproduce only once in 2-3 years, especially in cold climates. She deposits her eggs in compost, sawdust or manure piles, in hollow trees or under logs. The eggs take around 35 to 50 days to fully develop and finally hatch.

Coral snakes

These are the only venomous snakes in North America that lay eggs. All other snake species give birth to young living babies. A female coral snake lays 3-5 eggs during summer, and they hatch in around 2-3 months. Babies are the same color as their parents, and are equally venomous even on the first day of their hatching.

Python snakes

After ovulation, a female python lays eggs in one clutch per season. Each clutch has around 6 eggs, and thrives well in moist humid conditions. It should stay away from water, as they may become rotten due to moist. The eggs start looking dimpled as the babies start consuming more of the yolk. They hatch after around 55 days of laying.

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When Do Snake Eggs Hatch - Python snakes

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When Do Snake Eggs Hatch
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When Do Snake Eggs Hatch

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