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What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: August 31, 2020
What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds

Dogs are loyal, protective and lovable, and adapt to human environments very easily. But not all dogs are the same. Some dog breeds are more short-tempered than the others. You need to avoid petting dogs that get angry, irritated and annoyed very soon. Here at, we have created a list of dogs to tell you what are the best tempered dog breeds.

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  1. Golden Retrievers
  2. Poodles
  3. Irish Setters
  4. Labrador Retrievers
  5. Collie

Golden Retrievers

These dogs are extremely patient with high energy. They are very playful, because of which they are safe to be kept around children. They are quite amiable with family members as well as to strangers. They have a gentle character, with a fairly calm, biddable and naturally intelligent persona. They are easy to train too, and are ranked among the most obedient dog breeds, which makes them easy to train. They are fun-loving and active, and can focus for hours on a given task. They are highly sociable too, and can be extremely compatible with other cats, dogs and livestock.

What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds - Golden Retrievers


A Poodle is a very energetic, smart and sociable dog breed. They at first stay reserved from strangers, but mix up with them gradually. They are very obedient and highly trainable as well. They love to play games and have a very kind demeanor. They are fine with families with children, as most poodles will be tolerant towards babies, and are very gentle and respectful to them. These dogs are gentle and smart, and are fine for families with allergies because do not shed like other dog breeds.

What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds - Poodles

Irish Setters

An Irish setter will mix up well with other pets and children in your house, and will greet your visitors with warmth and enthusiasm. They are very active, and require everyday walks in open spaces. They love to work, without which they can get bored and destructive. They are very intelligent, respond well to training, and love being around humans. The only drawback is that they have a shorter life span than most other dog breeds of their size.

What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds - Irish Setters

Labrador Retrievers

These dogs are one of the best tempered dog breed; and have a pleasant, kind, obedient and sociable nature. They prove to be excellent family dogs, and have an extremely even-tempered disposition. Due to this, they are ideal if you have children and other pets at home. They love to work in the fields, and are very athletic and fast. They love fun and lack fear. They are very enthusiastic, and are very good are ball retrieving and other such games, like fly ball and Frisbee. They learn new tricks very easily, and like to show off their new skill frequently.

What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds - Labrador Retrievers


Collies have a very active lifestyle, as they are very energetic and agile and have great stamina. They can run all day long without getting tired. They are intelligent enough to handle different types of jobs and stay highly motivated all through. They are intensely loyal which may sometimes aggravate to obsession. They have a reputation of being intelligent, loyal, trainable and gentle. Their devotion and gentleness make them a compatible pet for children. Undoubtedly, collies would do anything to make their human family members happy.

What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds - Collie

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Janna Shelby
The Great Pyrenees is a great dog to have. They are very mild tempered and extremely loyal. Only drawback is they do shed a lot. But temper is one of the best. We have a great pyr/Golden Retriever mix and he's as good a dog as any and then we also have a full blooded great pyr and she's a darling to have.
OneHowTo Editor
Thanks for sharing Janna!
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What Are the Best Tempered Dog Breeds