Should I Cover my Dog with a Blanket?

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Should I Cover my Dog with a Blanket?

Do you know that your dog gets cold during winters too? No matter how dense their fur is, they too feel freeze at times. But most dog owners do not prefer covering their dog with a blanket, as it may increase the risk of suffocation and choking. Here at, we are going to find out if you should cover your dog with a blanket and when to do so.

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Consider the dog’s breed

First of all, you need to know that the dogs' fur helps in protecting them from the cold. They also have a layer of fat under their skin that keeps them warm. But sometimes, these are not enough to keep them feeling warm, and they need something extra to feel cozy. You also need to know that coats of all dogs are not same. For instance, Chihuahua and other such short-haired dogs don’t have enough natural protection against cold. Puppies and smaller breeds of dogs also need extra special attention to stay warm during winters. Take a look at our article on how to know if your dog is cold if you're not sure.

Check for certain symptoms

It becomes important to cover your dog with a blanket if you see following symptoms of cold in your dog:

  • If the skin areas around its nose is too dry, it is a sign that its body is not tolerating the cold temperatures outside.
  • If you see signs of tiredness and sleepiness in your dog, then it might be feeling cold.
  • If your dog shakes or trembles when you take it outside, then it may be because it is feeling cold. Try to keep it in places that are not too windy.
  • Slow breathing is another sign of your dog feeling cold.
  • If your dog’s movements are too slow, clumsy and stiff, then its muscles must have become stiff due to cold.
  • If a certain part of its body has become numb, give it a good massage to make it warm and circulate blood. Later, keep it covered with a blanket.

After covering the dog with a blanket

Once you know that your dog is feeling cold, it is better to cover your dog with a blanket. But make sure that you keep it under supervision at least for the first few days. If you are stuffing your dog’s den with a blanket, make sure that it does not restrict air flow and the dog does not feel uneasy. If it feels scared with the blanket on, then it is better to remove it. If you see signs of accidents on the blanket, or see gnawing or chewing on it, then it is perhaps because the dog does not like the blanket.

Other ways of keeping the dog warm

To keep a dog warm, make sure that you have kept your home warm, and avoid keeping your dog’s kennel outside during winters. Give it a nutrient and calorie rich food, which will give it energy to stay warm during cold. Don’t cut its hair during winters, as their hair is the main source of warmth for them. Dress it up in some warm canine clothes, which will keep it warm without the risk of suffocation.

Should I Cover my Dog with a Blanket? - Other ways of keeping the dog warm

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Should I Cover my Dog with a Blanket?
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Should I Cover my Dog with a Blanket?

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