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How to Look After a Weimaraner

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Look After a Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is one of the most beautiful, regal and slender breeds of dog that you can find. They are sociable, affectionate and active pets that are always ready to have fun, do physical activity and take care of their owners. Due to their hunting ancestry, these animals are inclined towards training and obedience.

As such, they are perfect animals for problem-free living in any family home. However, just like with any other pet, you mustn't forget to look after a Weimaraner. Here at OneHowTo we'll give you a detailed explanation of all you need so that your Weimaraner friend grows up healthy and happy.

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Steps to follow:


The Weimaraner is an exceptional breed, particularly to have at home and share with your family. Weimaraners are very docile and obedient dogs that know how to always respect the orders of their owners, so these animals are perfect for training and preventing conflicts.

It's important to start their education from six weeks on, beginning by teaching them simple commands which will become more complicated as training progresses. In our article on when to start training a puppy, we explain the basic process to follow regardless of breed.


Since Weimeraners were originally bred for large game hunting, this breed of dog greatly enjoys games which involve chasing or finding objects. You should give them the chance to perform such activities frequently.

Another important thing to remember when caring for a Weimaraner is to be well aware that the nature of this animal requires lots of daily physical activity. This is not a dog that you can have at home without taking it out for a walk often. This type of dog requires at least 1 hour per day of walks, games and outdoor activities, so it's only suitable for active lifestyles.

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A very positive feature of these animals is their social behavior. Weimaraner dogs usuall gets on very well with children as well as other pets, so there will be no problems in it adapting to family life.

Their short coat means that they don't need daily brushing or frequent combing, which is lucky, since they love to play outdoors. You'll only need to bath a Weimaraner dog every 6 or 8 weeks if it doesn't get too dirty.

How to Look After a Weimaraner - Step 3

One of the issues which dog owners worry about most is how much and how often should they feed their pets. The Weimaraner has the same nutritional requirements as any other dog; it is advisable to give it quality food, lots of fresh water, and avoid giving it food designed for humans such as sweets and chocolates. By being aware of what foods are toxic for dogs and avoiding them at all costs, you'll be able to help it to stay healthy.

The number of portions that you should give it depends on the dog's age, which we explain in detail in our article on how much food to feed your dog.

How to Look After a Weimaraner - Step 4

Whilst caring for a Weimaraner is not a difficult task at all, you must be aware of its aural hygiene by cleaning its ears and looking after them regularly, because these dogs are prone to canine otitis.

Additionally, your Weimaraner will need to get all the basic vaccines and attend an annual check-up with the vet to ensure optimal health, just like any other breed.


If you look after your Weimaraner and give it affection, extensive daily exercise, good nutrition and basic veterinary care, you will surely have a healthy and happy pet that is always ready to have fun and share good times with you.

Now that you know how to care for a Weimaraner, share your experiences with this type of dogs in the comments section!

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How to Look After a Weimaraner