How to look after a cold water fish 

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to look after a cold water fish 

The care cold water fish require is basic but you must not think that is a secondary task. Besides choosing an aquarium large enough for the amount of fish you have, you must continually check on your fish to ensure that their appearance is normal and that they do not behave strangely. On OneHowTo we explain how to care for a cold water fish.

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Steps to follow:

Monitoring is the best way to care for cold water fish. Once you have chosen an aquarium, water filter and have put it in the right place, away from other pets like dogs or cats, you don't have to worry about the infrastructure any longer.


As to the behaviour of cold water fish, you have to make sure they eat the food you give them and that they are not isolated. If they are isolated they could develop a disease.


You should also be concerned if you find that the fish has rubbed too hard against the rocks on the bottom of the aquarium. This is something they usually do when suffering from white spot disease, a parasite that causes them to feel itchy and scratch.


Another issue that you have to look out for is that the fish do not fight each other. It is normal for them to play and interact, but aggressive attitudes point to a problem. Some of them may be sick or there might not enough space for all the fish in the aquarium.


When introducing a new cold water fish to the aquarium, we have to first check to see if it is compatible with the species you already have.


If your fish's mouth regularly pokes through the surface and emit a kind of slight gasp, there may be a problem with the filter and the cold water is not being maintained in proper condition.This may mean that there is not enough oxygen in the water and your fish is trying to get air.


You should regularly check the condition of your fish's skin , scales and fins. If you notice profound changes accompanied by bizarre behaviour it could be a symptom of disease.

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How to look after a cold water fish 
How to look after a cold water fish 

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