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How to Get my Dog's Pedigree

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get my Dog's Pedigree

We say that a dog has pedigree when you have a document that certifies their lineage, breeding and ancestors, so that the dog conforms to the standard or characteristics of its breed. The pedigree ensures that your dog has no 'unwanted matches' in its genealogy with dogs of other breeds. This does not mean that mixed dogs are worse or 'unwanted'. They are responsible for the genetic variety that makes them so tough and not very prone to congenital diseases, not being undermined by a high level of consanguinity. However, dog contests often ask for pure breeds, so you will need a dog with pedigree to participate in some. In this OneHowTo article we explain you how to get your dog's pedigree if you need it for some competition.

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  1. Some terms regarding the pedigree
  2. How to check my dog's pedigree
  3. Points to keep in mind

Some terms regarding the pedigree

Before addressing the subject in depth, we should clarify the meaning of some terms that can be difficult.

  • The authorities responsible for handling the pedigree and dog breeds are different in every country. However, all the authorities must be accredited by the International Kennel Club (FCI).
  • If you are buying a dog of pedigree, always remember to check with your nation authority to ensure the puppies are of a high quality. Do not buy puppies from an unregistered breeder.
  • A document confirming your canine's good breeding will show if the ancestors of your pooch are or were registered.

How to check my dog's pedigree

In the case of a newly acquired puppy, which is the most typical case, the breeder or the establishment from which the dog came should give the buyer a copy of the breeding or ancestry record to be forwarded by the new owner. This record should come along with a registration application and a signature stating the breed of the dog (varies depending on the country where you live).

When a puppy is identified by a veterinarian using a microchip, something that is usually mandatory, the veterinarian must fill in the information stating the number of microchip used, proof that refers to the dog's breed.etc.

Meanwhile, breeders must register the litter, with the authorities, notifying them of the birth before within 30 days and before the puppies are 6 months. This enrolment of the litter means sending documents to the national authorities. First a notification of birth then the registration and application are sent.

How to Get my Dog's Pedigree - How to check my dog's pedigree

Points to keep in mind

Before getting the pedigree of your dog, it is important that you bear some things in mind.

The parents must be identified by microchip as well as some other requirements and instructions that you will see on different websites.

In the case of a dog breed that is unregistered where the ancestors are not known or not they have been registered there is only one way to obtain the pedigree. This is to bring the issue to an exposition where a judge can certify if the animal conforms to the standard of the race, and then register it. Validation contests or exhibitions which achieve the objective are organised by the national bodies or companies collaborating with those bodies.

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How to Get my Dog's Pedigree