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How to Teach my Dog not to Cry

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 31, 2018
How to Teach my Dog not to Cry

Do you want to teach your dog not to cry? Well, the first thing you should know is that if your pet is crying it is because the animal suffers from separation anxiety. That is, they feel fear of being abandoned, hence the howls and cries.

Crying is a very common behavior in dogs that are very close to their humans, and it also occurs when there are many dogs in one home. In those cases, your dog is crying because you are recognized as the leader of the pack, so they're afraid when they can't see you. Here at OneHowTo we'll tell you how to teach your dog not to cry.

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Steps to follow:


Your dog's crying is the result of fear. Your goal is to make your furry friend understand that there no reason to cry. You cannot address this issue with your pet by saying "no" or punishing the animal because, this way, the problem worsens. If you scold your dog, you're causing unnecessary discomfort and the animal will not understand.

The best strategy is to reassure your dog since you cannot explain that you're going to come back home. Show that their fears have no reason. One way to make sure your animal understands is going out for short periods: Leave the house only for a few minutes and come back. Repeat this often several times a day and over time increase the duration of the outings. It will take some time, but your dog will eventually get used to it.

How to Teach my Dog not to Cry - Step 1

To teach your dog not to cry, or rather to understand that you will not abandon them, try not to make a show every time you go out. It is natural that, since you love your dog so much, you want to greet them effusively. However, with this attitude you encourage their missing you too much. When you return to your home try not to greet your pet right away.

It's about not giving importance to going in or out. When you leave, do it as if your dog weren't there. When you walk back, open the door and just ignore your pet. Do what you usually do: take your clothes off, leave your keys, and then say something to your dog. If every time you leave you do this, your dog will assimilate that you always come. Your pet will learn that each abandonment is not a cause for concern.

How to Teach my Dog not to Cry - Step 2

Another way to stop your dog from crying is to distract them. If you exercise your pet before you leave, you will begin to notice results: walk, run, and play with them. If your pet gets tired enough, they'll complain less about your absence. In addition, your dog might even have fallen asleep by the time you actually leave.

You can play with the dog inside your home before leaving. Be always ready with treats and stuffed toys to stimulate interest in exercise. If you get your pet to have a great time and become distracted, they will not cry. It is also recommended that you leave a toy or accessory to keep them company while you are alone, provided it is not dangerous.

Here are some tips on how to choose a toy for your dog.

How to Teach my Dog not to Cry - Step 3

It is very important that you make them a space at home where they feel comfortable and secure. Never enclose your pet in a room; the house must be a place for your dog to be happy and peaceful. Leave a blanket that they like at their reach, a garment yours or even a bed in which to take shelter. They are objects that make them feel good and safe.

Never do is go back home to reassure your dog. If you do, they will end up getting used to it and they will always wait for you. This way you are saying that crying works, and you'll make the situation worse. You must work to show them that everything is fine if they're left alone, and they have nothing to fear.


This is how to teach my dog not to cry. If you have any tips, please tell us in the comments section.

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How to Teach my Dog not to Cry