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How To Care For A German Shorthaired Pointer

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Care For A German Shorthaired Pointer

For dog lovers there is nothing like an agile breed, attentive, always ready to play and intelligent; these dogs are ancestral hunters and in modern contexts they continue to hunt prey, whether slippers or a newspaper, these are tricks that the dog owner will love. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an ideal pet for the little ones in the house and a noble companion. If you are thinking about this breed as an addition to your family, in we give you all the keys to knowing how to care for a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Steps to follow:


This is an extremely active dog and will therefore need a lot of attention: going outside, running, playing, releasing its energy. If you live in a house or have a large garden you should take time to play with it, thanks to its hunter background the German Shorthaired Pointer is a great companion for walks and runs. It is estimated that this dog should have at least one hour's worth of exercise per day.


Due to its high activity levels the German Shorthaired Pointer often consumes many calories, so it is important it receives a balanced diet according to its age, with all the necessary nutrients and especially calcium, phosphorus and all vitamins. Divide its daily amount of food into two servings of two to three cups of feed per day.

How To Care For A German Shorthaired Pointer - Step 2

The average period between baths must be between 20 and 25 days; as it is an active dog it could get dirty before and it is no problem to give it a quick shower. It is also suitable that after each bath you comb its hair. Doing so will avoid annoying knots and dead strands will be removed.


During the bath, ears should not be forgotten. These will require special care and cleaning, otherwise there could be infections and health problems.


Like any breed, you should take your German Shorthaired Pointer at least twice a year to the vet to check its overall condition, as this breed is prone to diseases such as Cancer and Dysplasia. You must also give it attention and love and try to understand this animal that is not sedentary, exercise being very important for it.


This dog is perfect for active people who live with children, it will quickly become the best friend of the whole family. It is not recommended for people with very little home space or those who lead a sedentary life, as this dog needs plenty of space and care.

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  • Feed your German Shorthaired Pointer with special food for its size and age, remember the importance of keeping it well fed.
  • Teach it basic search tricks and discover its great potential as a hunter
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How To Care For A German Shorthaired Pointer