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How Much Should A Dachshund Weigh

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 10, 2022
How Much Should A Dachshund Weigh

We love the breed popularly called the sausage dog. It is a beautiful and medium breed called dachshund which in German means "the badger dog". It is so called because it is a hunting dog which usually burrows to get to foxes, rabbits and other animals. It is a very sweet, clever, loyal and curious animal that is a great companion. From OneHowTo.com we'll explain how much your dachshund should weigh.

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Steps to follow:


The dachshund is small and so is a pet that can live in a flat without any problems. It does not need much space to stay in shape and be at its optimal weight.


The FCI establishes a maximum weight for the dog breed dachshund, which is approximately 9 kilos (19 lb 13 oz).

We can distinguish between 3 types of dachshund or sausage dog:

  • Standard: It is the largest, and can weigh between 6 (13 lb 3 oz) and 9 kilos (19 lb 13 oz). Its chest measures about 35 cm (14 in).
  • Miniature: somewhat smaller than the previous one. It weighs about 4 kilos (8 lb 13 oz) and its chest circumference is between 30 and 35 cm (12 and 14 in).
  • Kaninchen: the smallest of this breed only weighs 3.5 kilos (7 lb 11 oz) and its chest measures a maximum of 30 cm (12 in).

No matter what type you own, your Dachshund should have a waistline when you look at him from above. If the waist of your dog is wider than its ribs, your dog is definitely overweight.


Sausage dogs do not especially like running but you can give them long walks to keep them in perfect shape.

Their walk is very important, not only to keep them at their ideal weight (avoid them becoming overweight at all costs) but also because your pet needs to strengthen their muscles which prevents spinal pain in the future due to the weight they have to resist on their short legs.

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This breed of dog tends to become obese so it's vitally important for Dachshund owners to be disciplined with them and motivate them to do some physical activity. If you notice your dog is overweight, gradually reduce the amount of feed you give it and make sure it has small walks every day.

Make sure that the amount of exercise is moderate because the sausage dog's spine is very fragile and tends to get injured quite easily.

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How Much Should A Dachshund Weigh