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How much Should a Labrador Dog Weigh

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How much Should a Labrador Dog Weigh

There is no doubt that Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular medium-sized breeds. Like their cousins, Golden Retrievers, but with short hair, they are tremendously friendly, affectionate, playful and above all brave and intelligent animals. They are a very popular pet for people with visual disabilities. Naturally, if you own a Labrador you'll want them to grow and develop healthily, so for this reason, their weight matters. Do you know how much a Labrador should weigh when they reach adulthood? At OneHowTo.com we will explain.

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Steps to follow:


Labradors are a medium breed, which means they achieve a considerable height but are not a giant breed. They are very active animals who require large amounts of daily exercise. If you have an apartment, you should take them out every day to let them play and run around so that they can use up all their energy and stay healthy and happy.


What's more, it's very important that they play and socialize with other dogs. So even if you live in a large space which allows them to exercise, they still need daily walks to meet other pets to remain happy and playful.

All these aspects influence dogs and help them to maintain a healthy weight throughout their life, especially when they reach adulthood.

How much Should a Labrador Dog Weigh - Step 2

If you're asking yourself how much should a Labrador weigh in adulthood, the answer depends on the sex of the animal.

A male Labrador should weigh between 27 and 34 kilos (59lb 8 oz and 74lb 15 oz) when they reach adulthood, whilst females should weigh between 25 and 32 kilos (55lb and 70lb 8oz).

Remember that your Labrador will reach adulthood and stop growing around its first year.


It is important to note that Labradors are a dog breed that are prone to obesity, so if your pet weighs more than the recommended average, they are likely to be obese.

On the other hand, if you notice that your dog is quite under 50lb when it reaches six months, then it is best you take your dog to the vets.

This animal is very greedy, so it's important you manage their food intake properly and give them an opportunity to exercise daily if you want to ensure they stay healthy. If you have decided to spay or neuter your dog, remember you should care even more for what they eat. Take a look at our article on what to feed a dog after being neutered for more information.

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How much Should a Labrador Dog Weigh