How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper?

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper?

Does your house stink? Do you want to make sure that your dog does its toilet business in a particular place? Well keep reading, because here are some training tips you can use! Your dog can learn to urinate and defecate in the place that you decide, but you will need plenty of patience and consistency so that the dog finally comes to accept this behaviour in its day to day life. Keep reading this OneHowTo article as we show you step by step how to teach my dog to poop on newspaper.

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Steps to follow:

To start, you should understand that a dog is not born with the knowledge that it should go to the bathroom in one particular spot or place. Remember that dogs are creatures of habit, so with patience, consistency and perseverance you will get the results that you want when training your dog. Your dog poops when it needs to poop. Its only concern is to ensure their dirty business is done away from the food and the sleeping area. The dog does not know that you want them to do it on the street or a place that you specify, such as a sheet of newspaper. If you want your pet to go to the bathroom at a given site, you must be patient and monitor the dog's behaviour.

How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper? - Step 1

To get your dog to poop on newspaper, you must be consistent and start from the beginning. That is, when you get home and your dog gets down to unload the goods, put some newspaper underneath your dog. You should set that area in one place, like the terrace or garden, for better ventilation. You'll have to tell your dog to learn the 'poop' command and repeat the order until it finally sticks. If you succeed, don't forget to give some treats as a reward and praise your dog for good behaviour.

How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper? - Step 2

For your dog to poop where you prefer, you have to monitor their behaviour. If you see the dog making circles and sniffing around, it's time to get going! If you do this, take your dog outside, place your dog on the newspaper and tell your dog to let it go. When you do, feel free to reward their good behaviour so that the dog gradually remembers the habit.

It's possible that during the first few months of life, you have to get to action every 3 or 4 hours, just so the dog gets used to the habit. Probably in just two weeks, your dog can know what to do and will bark so that you can put down the paper. You should be alert and have a good supply of newspapers to avoid your dog dropping a big steamer on the floor. If you do, clean it up right away so the dog doesn't associate that smell with repetition of the dirty behaviour.


Finally, you should note the time your dog usually poops. With little time for observation, you should know how often your dog needs to go. Depending on its size, it may take half an hour or even two hours. Remember to be patient and every time you see that the dogs paces in circles and sniffs around, you have to take it to the area where the paper is for the dog to take care of its needs. This process can lead to frustration but it is worth it.

How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper? - Step 4

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How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper?
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How do I Teach My Dog to Poop on Newspaper?

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