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How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively

There are ways to train a puppy easily and effectively. However, you should know that training a puppy is a long process for which you must have patience. If you start training your puppy from the very beginning you can get your dog to adopt a behavior that will make your life easier later on, and will allow you to create a perfect relationship with your pet. The first task you need to perform in order to train a puppy easily and effectively is teaching the puppy its name. After that, you will have to train a puppy to learn the most basic commands: sit, not begging for food, not pulling on the leash and so on. Today, at, we will teach you some basic tricks to help you learn how to train a puppy easily and effectively.

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Steps to follow:


Teaching your puppy not to pee in the house. One of the main problems with puppies is that they cannot suppress the urge to do a pee or poo, and often your house can become their toilet. To avoid this, it is important that you teach your puppy to pee outside with a few simple steps. You should pay special attention to your dog during their first months of life, it will pay you back later.

Bear in mind that a puppy's digestive system is very fast and, after eating, it only takes 5 to 30 minutes for them to defecate, so it is important to control when it eats. During the first few days, a puppy cannot go outside so you must adapt an area of the house to its needs: put down a bunch of newspapers, a box of sand etc. Then, train the puppy to go there and do its pee and poo. Take your dog to this corner of the house each day so that it can get used to that space.

When you take it out, in order to train your puppy effectively, it is important that at the beginning you always follow the same path and you stand in a particular place so it understands that this is where it must do its pee and poo. Above all do not be nervous as they can detect your energy; it is important not to shout at them or get nervous if they poo before reaching the designed place. Keep in mind that it is a puppy and it will only learn with patience and perseverance.

In order to train a puppy it is important to follow the same routine every day: take it out at the same time, take it to the same place and give it treats if it goes well. Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to train a puppy easily and effectively.

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 1

Train your puppy not to beg for food. From when it is very small, you can train your dog not to beg for food when you're eating. To achieve this, you only need to do one thing: when it begs, don't give it food no matter what. It is a basic principle but it is often difficult to follow, especially if you live with other people.

If you want to train your puppy effectively, you must understand that when dogs get a treat it is because they have shown positive behavior. If you give it food when it begs, it will think that is the right way of getting what it wants, and will do so every time you sit at the table. All you need to do in order to train your puppy not to beg for food is not give it anything to eat when it begs and tell all members of your family not to. In order to train your puppy easily and effectively you often do not need to do anything special, but you need to be consistent.

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 2

Training your puppy not to pull on the leash. Puppies are nervous and whenever they go out they want to run around and have fun. However, you must teach them not to pull on the leash and establish the roles of authority during the walk. To achieve this, the first thing you should do is make sure that your puppy is familiar with its lead. You just have to show it the lead while in the house, let it play with it and smell it so that when you are outside it will recognize as its own.

When you take your dog out you should have treats in your pockets. In order to train a puppy effectively for this purpose you need to have a lot of patience because, as we mentioned earlier, young dogs like running and jumping around. The trick is to stand next to the dog and, whenever it steps forward, gently pull the lead and clearly say "No", "Heal", etc.. Monosyllables are sounds that dogs detect more easily so, in order to train a puppy easily and effectively, it is recommended that you choose one in particular to communicate the "no" message to your pet.

When your dog comes back to your side you can start walking again. If it pulls ahead again, repeat the same process: stand, pull the lead and wait for it to come to you. When your dog has been at your side for a while you should give it one of the treats you carried with you. This way your dog will associate what you were asking it to do with the treat, and you will be able to train your puppy not to pull more easily.

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 3

Train your puppy to sit. Getting your dog to follow the order of sitting is also an important part of training your puppy. To achieve this you will also need a monosyllabic and specific word for this purpose, some people use the order "Sit", "Ground", or other similar words. Choose the one you like and stick to it when you train your puppy.

A trick to train your puppy effectively to sit is to show it a treat that you have in your hand and put it close to the dog so that it can smell it. Then you must lift the treat up above its head and, because the puppy will want to watch, it will have to sit down to keep its eyes on the treat. When you see that the puppy is starting to sit, it is important to say the word you have chosen to make it sit, so that it associates this movement with the word. When it sits, give it the treat as positive reinforcement.

If your dog won't sit down, you must press it to make it sit, so that it understands what you want it to do. When you puppy to sit, give it a prize. It is not so difficult to train a puppy effectively, isn´t it?

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 4

Teaching your dog not to jump up on you. Dogs usually get so happy when you get home or when new people come round that they jump up on you/them; this can be fun when it's a puppy but then as they get older and you don't want them to anymore they can become very upset, that's why it is important to teach it not to do so from the start.

To achieve this, you have to end the dog's action every time by taking its legs and lowering them to the ground with a blunt "No" so they understand that they should not do this. Gradually it will understand your message and will not get so excited when you come home.

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 5

Teaching your puppy to not cry when you leave. When they are young, dogs can spend a lot of time crying in the house every time you go out, something that is very disturbing for the neighbours as their crying can last for hours. To prevent your dog from crying, you just have to pretend that you're home: leave as you always do, close the door and stay behind it waiting for your dog cry; when it does, go into the house and say no repeatedly. You must show a disgruntled attitude with it so that it understands that it should not do it anymore.

You must repeat this process several times until you see that it no longer cries whenever you go out. Through this action it will understand that his crying is the only thing that causes your anger, so it will stop it progressively to finish by being quiet when you go out.

How to Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively - Step 6

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