Do Moles Make Good Pets?

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Do Moles Make Good Pets?

Moles are commonly found in Europe and North America, and there is a huge variety of breeds out there. But mostly, moles are not owned as pets. In old England, women could even be punished to death for owning a mole pet, as the animal was considered to be associated with witchcraft. In fact, people often hate them for digging up their lawn and garden and creating dozens of mole hills all around. But there may be some reasons why you want to keep a pet mole, such as if you found an injured one and you don’t want to release it into the wild. Although moles make awful pets and die quickly when kept in captivity, you can keep it happy by providing it properly. In this article at, we are going to discuss if moles make good pets or not.

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Reproduce their primary environment

Moles stay happy in their tunnels, and want to constantly feel their walls. If you can reproduce a similar environment for your pet mole, it may thrive in captivity as well. But remember, tunnels are not easily cleaned and managed. When it is not surrounded by something, it feels exposed and endangered, and can even die within 1-3 days due to constant nervousness. It can’t even eat well when it feels nervous, and it often dies due to hunger and terror. Adult moles probably cannot adjust to confinement and often die due to nervousness. In fact, young moles are easily caught, and can at least adjust to a well-prepared environment.

Take care of the climate

Moles prefer having dirt in their tunnels, so that they look more like ant farms. Though, they need a back that can be opened so that feed can be provided for them. Natural underground tunnels are not exposed to extreme temperature conditions, but the ones that you create can make them too warm or too cold, or they may get exposed to rapid temperature changes. They can be quickly killed by sunlight as well.

Keep away from moisture

Although moles are good at swimming, they cannot tolerate excessive moisture. Give a tunnel to them with an opening to a swimming area, especially if it is an eastern mole. A mole’s fur is very soft as compared to other furry animals, due to which dirt does not adhere to their body, despite living under the ground.

Keep them alone

One mole seldom tolerates another mole. If you place two together, they will end up fighting and dying. Even when you see in your lawn, you will see only one mole at a time. Sometimes, you may think that there are dozens of moles in your garden, but usually it is just one that has made so many mole hills out there. As soon as you manage to kill one, another one enters and you think that there are many. Even mothers force their babies out as soon as they wean. Even from a huge distance, they can sense a mole coming from the other side of the tunnel, and run to beat it up immediately.

Do Moles Make Good Pets? - Keep them alone

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I have kept a variety of small mammals, pygmy shrews, voles, woodmice and so forth. I have had a pet mole for some months, he now lives in a hamster cage. The mole, called Mo, lives on cat food, snails, slugs and worms eats about his weight in food a day. He has no soil and makes a nest of paper, straw, leaves similar to other small mammals. This is not concerning me as I have found moles nesting in my piggery. Mo is very tame, responds to my voice and enjoys a stroke. Mo is very clean and will poo in the same spot - will offer him a jar to use as other small mammals like. Think he will do well on a wheel - a favourite of shrews. Moles are sensitive to weather changes and good at adapting. Life expectancy, would thing 4 to 6 years, will have to wait and see. Suspect moles have a different and unique urinary system to other small mammals.

Cute little fell, delighted I have him as a pet, love him climbing onto my hand! Warning! I have kept a number of wild animals that have been found sick or injured, for over 60 years. Keeping them requires a knowledge that takes time to acquire, together with experience. Shrews are particularly difficult to keep due to a high metabolic rate, life span only 7 - 8 months. Enjoy your animals and give them good care and time!
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Do Moles Make Good Pets?
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Do Moles Make Good Pets?

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