What Is a Belier Bunny

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Is a Belier Bunny

There are many domestic bunnies but, do you know the Belier bunny? If you like rabbits, you'll certainly love its characteristics, so from oneHOWTO we'll explain what a Belier bunny is.

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The Belier bunny is known for its long and fallen ears,this is why it's also known as lop rabbit or lop eared rabbit. When they're small, their ears are still upright and as they grow they start to fall down.


It's also known for being one of the most calm out of all breeds, as well as being docile.

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It is the heaviest miniature bunny in adult age, as it can weigh between 1.700 kg (3lb) to 2.500kg (6lb), whether they're male or female. However, you should know that there are several types of lop eared rabbits, which means each breed has its own characteristics.


The Belier bunny has a life expectancy of eight to ten years.


The Belier bunny's skeleton is long and, such as the rest of bunnies', is very delicate.


Belier bunnies are short haired rabbits, but there's a mutation to make them have angora fur. This means, this bunny with have angora fur, but will still have the morphological characteristics of the Belier bunny.


There's a type of Belier bunny, called the lionhead bunny. It is known for having short fur but long fur on its head. Like the Belier, it also has fallen ears.

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The Belier bunny is fine inside a house if it's calm, it's not necessary to have it outdoors, having it in the house is enough.


These rabbits have a wide range of colors: from brown, white and even grey tones.


There are Belier bunnies or lop eared rabbits that are classified with a pedigree by the ARBA, as they have exclusive physiological traits (ears, color, shape of body, character ...).

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What Is a Belier Bunny