What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink

Gastroenteritis is a well known human disease that our dogs can also suffer from. Usually the dogs show signs of this condition after eating plants or toxic food for them, which causes stomach and intestinal inflammation and the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it. Although some breeds like the German Shepherd and Boxer are more prone to this condition, any dog no matter how old, can suffer from it. Food is essential to ensure that our pet improves, so at OneHowTo we explain what can a dog with gastroenteritis eat to speed up your pet's recovery.

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Causes of gastroenteritis in dogs

Once your vet has diagnosed our dog with gastroenteritis it is very important to understand the causes of this disease to prevent them from getting it again. In addition to eating toxic plants and food that can cause your pet to suffer from stomach and intestinal inflammation, there are other habits that can lead to this disease:

  • Eating rubbish or spoiled food; it is very important that you teach your dog not to do it.
  • Eating raw or undercooked foods that may contain bacteria that cause this disease. It is best to put your dog on a diet based on special pet feed. If you choose to cook their food, make sure that the meat is always well-cooked and is handled properly.
  • Eating toys and other objects; stop your dog from chewing all these things and if they are teething, buy them suitable toys to help them and keep them healthy.
  • Fungal and bacterial infections can also cause this condition.

In cases of common gastroenteritis, avoid feeding them.

Common gastroenteritis in dogs does not put your animal's life at risk, but it is important to take good care of them for a speedy recovery and to prevent them from getting severely dehydrated. Getting a vet's diagnosis is important, but if this is not the first time your dog has suffered from this condition, you'll probably already know how to recognise it and what to do.

It is important that over the 2 following days, you avoid feeding your dog. This way you will be able to reduce their stomach and intestinal inflammation and make the symptoms disappear. Although you can't give them solid food, you should keep them hydrated and nourished as we will explain in the next step.

Constant hydration

A dog with gastroenteritis must stay properly hydrated, as vomiting and diarrhoea cause them to lose fluid and minerals which may put your pet's life at risk. It is possible that the vet will hydrate your animal intravenously, but at home you should also look after them with due care, but we recommend that:

  • Keep your dog's bowl always filled with fresh, clean water, and change it twice a day to encourage your pet to drink.
  • If your dog doesn't want to drink water, give them ice cubes to lick, this will help keep them hydrated.
  • Adding a little sugar into their water will also help attract your pet and encourage them to drink.
  • To nourish and hydrate them you can make a homemade chicken broth with water, chicken, rice and carrot, without using any salt, oil or seasoning. Strain the broth, separating the chicken to give to the animal later, and serve it in their water bowl.

If your dog shows signs of severe dehydration, you should take them to the vet immediately.

What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink - Constant hydration

What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat

After the first two days of liquids and broth, it is best to start with a soft diet until the animal has fully recovered. You can choose to:

  • Give your pet shredded cooked chicken without skin and bones and cooked without any salt or seasoning.
  • White rice or rice water in the early stages will also help keep your pet nourished. You can mix the shredded chicken with some white rice.
  • Canned dog food, being softer and more liquid, is another option after the first 2 or 3 days.

When your pet's appetite returns and their vomiting or diarrhoea has stopped, you can go back to their usual diet. However, take measures to reduce your pet's bad habits that may increase their chances of suffering from gastroenteritis again. If in doubt, consult your vet.

What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink - What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat

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You say your dog can't die from gastroenteritis? My dog nearly did! It is a very serious illness. This article is all rubbish. You can't cure it just by their diet, it needs to be mediated or your dog can die. Luckily mine survived and it can flare up again any time no matter what they eat. Mine is only eating a wet fish and rice dog food, and absolutely nothing else but he still gets it every now and again so there really isn't a full cure for it.
What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink
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What can a dog with gastroenteritis eat and drink

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