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The Funniest Names for Cats

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Funniest Names for Cats

Is there new kitten in your family and you do not know what to call it? There are different options which are very funny yet appropriate to choose from. So, if you want a little inspiration we recommend you read this OneHowTo article in which you will discover the funniest names for cats. Obviously, names for male cats differ from female cat names, so we will give you very funny ideas for both genders. We are sure you'll love our suggestions!

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  1. Water-related names
  2. Names related to characteristics
  3. Very original names for cats
  4. Basic care of a cat

Water-related names

Knowing the terror that cats have of water, a very funny way to name your new friend is ironically a mockery of this funny relationship they have with water. So you can choose sailor names such as Captain Pugwash, Cabin Boy, Seamen or Sailor.

In case you have a female cat, good choices would be Droplet, River or Jelly-girl. These would be perfect names for cats. But if you want something more sailing-inspired then you can also choose names directly linked to the world of boats, for example Stern, Bow, Anchor, etc.

The Funniest Names for Cats - Water-related names

Names related to characteristics

Other funny names for cats are those that designate some qualities of the animal, for example if the cat has very long fur, stains or anything that sets them apart. These characteristics can serve to help you find an original name.

Thus, in the case of male cats you can opt for Grins or Cotton Ball if your cat has long hair. Consider names that refer to the color of the coat, for example, Darky or Ginger (if they have a orange coat). You can also call the cat Cloud or Sugar Puff (If they are white) or, if it is dark, you can call the cat Night Whisper or Black Jack.

In case you have a female cat, you can choose to give the cat similar names to those we have mentioned above, because they are unisex, or you can better specify their gender by calling a female cat Misty or Pearl (if white), and so on and so forth.

The Funniest Names for Cats - Names related to characteristics

Very original names for cats

There is nothing funnier and more different than to call your cat a completely original name that has nothing to do with the cat or with their characteristics. In this sense, it is very funny to try names of other animals for example, bear, monkey, puppy, Orangutan, Lion, mouse, etc. It is one of the funnies ways you can name a cat.

Another idea is to name your cat with the name of a character that you like or that is important to you for example Homer Simpson, Coco Chanel, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, etc. You can opt for real people who have been part of history or characters from cartoons or movies.

The Funniest Names for Cats - Very original names for cats

Basic care of a cat

In addition to deciding how to call your new friend, it is important to know some of the basic care rules that you will need in order to look after your pussy. We will give you some tips to help you introduce the animal into your family.

Take your cat to the vet

Whether you adopt an adult or a new born cat, it is important to let a vet check the animal and its general health so they can tell you when immunizations need to be scheduled. Note that if it is a little kitten, the first months are the most delicate so you should increase your care and vigilance to prevent your little kitten from contracting any disease.

A space in your house

Cats are very independent animals but they require lots of love and attention, so it is vital that you create a space in your home that is intended for your cat: a small bed, a scratching post and other toys. The food must be separated from the toilet area as cats are very hygienic and clean animals. The litter box that will have to be positioned in a totally isolated area as cats like privacy when they do their business.

Clean the litter box

It is important that the letter tray is cleaned every day as feces gather, the sand should be changed once a week. Cats need clean and fresh spaces for their toilet needs, otherwise, they will choose to do their business outside.

Fresh, clean water

You'll have to change the water daily. Make sure it is cold and, above all, clean. It is also recommended that the water is separated by at least half a meter from food to make sure that no bits of food land in the water. As we have said, cats are very neat and clean animals.

The Funniest Names for Cats - Basic care of a cat

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Anne Rollins
I recently adopted a 2-year old beautiful shiny black-velvet cat named Sammie. I had planned to name her Lily but because of her wild energetic romps throughout the house, she was no Lily. She sprinted to the top shelf of my antique secretary and proceeded to walk along the nearby curtain rod under the ceiling but quickly turned around. Whew! At least she showed a little common sense.
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The Funniest Names for Cats