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Is it Safe to Put a Collar on a Cat?

Maria Victoria Malela
By Maria Victoria Malela. Updated: January 20, 2017
Is it Safe to Put a Collar on a Cat?

While microchipping remains the most common way to provide accurate identification for your cat, many pet stores will still offer a variety of additional pet collars. They can come in different materials, some with tags and some with bells, although you should read why you shouldn't put a bell on your cat. A cat collar is generally considered an aesthetic accessory, but can serve more practical purposes.

Because of certain cats' natural reluctance to wearing a collar, we tend to worry about their safety. After all, cats are known to be active and adventurous. Our hesitations may therefore be valid. So, is it safe to put a collar on a cat? OneHowTo explores the theme.

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  1. Avoid bells
  2. Safety and practicality
  3. Evaluate your options

Avoid bells

While bell collars are a good way to know when your cat is close by, they don't have to be the only option in terms of collar choices. Nowadays, pet stores offer a wide variety of cat collars that don't necessarily come with a bell. Some of us feel that our cats are like family members and should therefore wear a personalized collar that shows more of his or her personality - in the same way we would wear our favorite shirt. While ringing bells can cause obvious nuisance to the cat's ears, there are safe alternatives on the market, which can make a good fit. They can be anything from reflective to breakaway collars, that open if your cat gets caught on something, so as to avoid accidents.

Safety and practicality

Cat collars can be safe options, and are even recommended, especially if your cat usually wanders off during the day. Cats are autonomous and they need space, but at the same time you want to know that you won't lose them. Waterproof GPS collars are now available on the market. They help you localize your cat and are a gage of tranquility. If your cat has special needs and requires medical assistance, personalizing your cat's collar with the relevant information and your contact number can help save their life.

Of course a period of adaptation to the collar is highly recommended where you have them wear the collar intermittently, and then gradually more and more often.

To make sure the collar is well adjusted, you should be able to slip two fingers between their neck and the collar. 6 months is the recommended age for kittens to start wearing a collar, but it's always wiser to assess it according to their size. Remember to make adjustments as your kitten grows.

Is it Safe to Put a Collar on a Cat? - Safety and practicality

Evaluate your options

Progress keeps offering better options for safe cat collars. In response to the question: is it safe to put a collar on a cat, some entreprises chose to specialize in manufacturing GPS collars. GPS collars offer ultimate safety solution for outdoor cats. Cats need regular exercise and interaction with other cats. With a GPS collar you can let them do that knowing that they are happy and safe. So as long as you slowly introduce a collar that your cat can tolerate, your cat can still enjoy its freedom and you can have some piece of mind!

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Is it Safe to Put a Collar on a Cat?