How to treat canine otitis or ear infection

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to treat canine otitis or ear infection

Otitis or ear infection is one of the most common disorders in dogs. It is very important to identify it right away so that you can treat it and improve your dog's health. There are different causes of this disease, from parasite to an allergic reaction. If you see your dog scratching its ears a lot, to the point of hurting itself, that it has more ear wax than normal, that its ears are smelly, swollen and also its moving around and hanging its head to one side, go and see your veterinarian because your dog will need to be treated. In the following OneHowTo article we explain how to treat canine otitis or ear infection.

Steps to follow:

It is essential that you do not let your dog roughly scratch himself as it may hurt.


If your pet is often suffers from otitis it's recommended to have check-ups periodically every 4 to 6 months to prevent relapse.

How to treat canine otitis or ear infection - Step 2

You should clean your dog's ears regularly. At your vets you can find specialized fluids for cleaning your dog's ears. Apply this liquid and massage the base of the ear lightly, after use special wipes or wet gauze to wipe away accumulated dirt. Never clean beyond what you can see. Do it regularly removing hairs from the ear duct and maintaining excellent hygiene of the outer ear. If you do not know how to do this ask your vet, who will gladly give you some advice.


To clean the ears of your dog regularly keep in mind:

  • Do not use an ear swab, as you can unintentionally hurt your dog and not know how far you're poking it.
  • Do not use paper to clean because it doesn't clean properly and leaves trace matter.
  • Do not use any product or administer any treatment without first talking to your vet.
  • Remember to clean the folds of the ear as these areas usually accumulate the most dirt.
  • Try not to bathe your dog while it has otitis.

Prevention is the best cure. For this remember to clean your dog's ears often with wet gauze once or twice per week for dogs with floppy ears and every three weeks for dogs with upright ears. You can also use special pre-prepared wipes sold at the vets.


Canine otitis should be treated properly by a professional so that it doesn't worsen. Go to your veterinarian right away so they can give your dog the treatment it needs, if it's severe, they will administer antibiotics.

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How to treat canine otitis or ear infection
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How to treat canine otitis or ear infection

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