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How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed

Educating your dog is essential for you to be able to live together happily. Sometimes, especially when the dog is a puppy, it is hard not to fall into the trap of letting it behave in ways that it will eventually consider to be appropriate. We need to be aware from the start that educating our dog when it's a pup is essential in preventing trouble in the future. We play a fundamental role in this aspect because their behaviour depends entirely on how we teach them to behave. We should thus put in a lot of effort from the very beginning to ensure that your dog develops positive behavioural patterns. We at OneHowTo will explain how to teach your dog not to jump on the bed.

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Steps to follow:


Has your dog become accustomed to jumping on your bed, or has it only just started doing it? Although it is possible to correct its behaviour in both cases, it will be more difficult to do the former, as you'll have to prohibit your dog from doing something that it was previously allowed to do.

We all like our dogs to be at our side at all times, especially when they're pups. However, it can be a problem that will only escalate as the dogs grows up. When they're small and cute you might not think that jumping onto furniture is an issue. However, after about a year, they'll have increased considerably in size and you could have up to 25 kg up on your bed. No matter what size of dog you have, we have some top tips that you may find useful in stopping your dog from jumping onto your bed.


First, make sure they know that they have their own bed and you have yours. This creates a higher degree of respect and improves cohabitation. Also, if your dog gets used to jumping on your bed, it is likely to start using your bed to sleep in too. It is advisable that your dog's bed is in a room where no one sleeps, such as the kitchen or living room. One problem that you may encounter when your dog comes up onto the bed is the fact that it will urinate to mark its territory. Remember that you are the leader of the pack, not your dog, and it should see you as such.

How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed - Step 2

One training exercise you can carry out is getting onto your bed when you're with your dog. When your pooch does the same, encourage it to go back down by pointing on the floor and saying something along the lines of 'down' or 'no'. 'No' is a word that your dog can easily associate with negative behaviours, so you should use it whenever you do not want your dog do something. The word, along with voice and gesture you use, should be chosen carefully in order to ensure that your dog makes the link between its actions and right or wrong. You must train your dog for a few minutes making sure not to overdo it, to prevent it from tiring. To reinforce good behaviour, reward your dog with a doggy treat, affection and say 'good dog'. This will let your furry friend know that it has behaved well, encouraging it to repeat this positive behaviour in the future.


Do not allow your dog to sleep in your bed at night. The best way to prevent this is to simply close the door of your bedroom so that it is forced to sleep in its own bed. You can accompany your pooch to its bed, rewarding it with a treat as it lies down, and using positive verbal reinforcement and affection. Your doggy friend is bound to get up again and might start barking or scratching the door. As annoying as this sound might be, avoid leaving the door open because you will be rewarding negative behaviour. You must make sure that it knows that you are in charge and that you have your own space in the same way that it has its own.

How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed - Step 4
  • Practice the 'down' exercise every day, rewarding your dog when it jumps down to the floor. When your dog tries to get up onto the bed again, say an assertive 'no' whilst putting your hand out in front of you as if indicating it to stop.
  • Make sure that all your dog's needs are met: food, exercise, etc., so that it is fully attentive when you are trying to teach it not to jump on the bed.
  • Be very patient and practice every day, especially at night. Your dog may bark and cry continuously during the first week, but it will learn gradually.
  • To help prevent your dog from jumping onto your bed or any other bed in the house, close your bedroom doors.
  • Place your dog's bed in a space where no one sleeps, a place it can associate with sleep and rest.
  • Do not expect miracles. Your dog will not change its behaviour drastically overnight; you'll need to work on correcting its behaviour patiently.
How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed - Step 5

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How to Teach Your Dog not to Jump on the Bed