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How to Make a Cat Lose Weight

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Cat Lose Weight

One of the most common problems in adult cats is overweight bodies. Especially if the cat has been sterilized as these cats usually gain a few extra kilos due to considerably reduced physical activity and, well, fat accumulation in their little bodies. It is important to control your pussy's weight to prevent it from developing diseases like cholesterol problems, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In this OneHowTo article we will tell you how to make a cat lose weight and thus the cat will have a healthy and vibrant life.

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Steps to follow:


It is considered a fat cat when it exceeds 15% normal weight (which can differ according to the cat's breed, age and sex). To know whether a cat is obese it is important to learn to spot certain symptoms that may indicate that indeed the cat's weight is above the norm and that your pussy has to lose weight:

  • The cat's ribs should be felt when you touch the cat's torso. If you have trouble finding the ribs, it's because there is excess fat and therefore your pussy is obese.
  • The bones of the spine should also be easily noted, therefore, feel this area and if it is difficult to feel them it is because the cat has a thick layer of fat there.
  • The cat's belly can also help detect if the animal is overweight. Just look at the shape of the cat's abdomen and check if it is similar to that of a pendulum, if so, it is because there is accumulated fat that swings about when the animal moves.
  • When the animal is walking, look at the waist. Any curvature must be well marked. If not, it's because the cat is totally rounded due to excess fat.
How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 1

If your cat is overweight, it is essential to begin to take action to give your cat a healthy life by changing their lifestyle. The first thing you will have to review is the cat's dietary guidelines in order to reduce their daily calorie intake. It is best to choose a type of food that is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Note that, currently, there are brands of cat food that already take into account the overweight trend and therefore offer a lightweight alternative which is low in calories.

How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 2

Besides this, it is recommended that you only feed the cat 2 or 3 times per day and do not leave food on hand. At first you'll see that your pussy complains and asks for more, but do not give in to your pussy's demands. It is also essential to not give your cat any food scraps or rewards as they are very calorific options that are not suitable for cats in this situation.

How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 3

One trick that you can try so that the animal is never too hungry at the start of the diet is to opt for some tricks, for example, mixing the feed with water. This will inflate the food and the cat has a greater sense of satiety eating the same amount. To do this, you have to mix the feed with water half an hour before giving the food to your pussy. So, the feed will be dry but inflated because of the water and so the cat feels more satisfied after eating.


Don't just feed your little pussycat just dry food: alternate it with wet food as it's far less calorific and the quality tends to be higher too. With a high water content, this type of wet food is more satiating for the cat. It is recommended for overweight cats because it is has a higher percentage of protein in comparison to carbohydrates.

Furthermore, it helps to hydrate your little furry friend's skin which tends to become dry and flaky if their diet is poor (this is why dandruff is common in cats when they begin to reduce their food intake).

How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 5

As well as diet, you should make sure that your cat gets enough physical exercise to increase the amount of calories it burns from day to day. Playing with your puss or buying some cat toys that encourage activity is the best way to get it moving and improve health.

Some of the best toys for fat cats include tree climbers, a light beam projected on the wall that catches its eye, toy mice or a fishing rod that it can chase. All of these options are perfect for keeping your pet entertained whilst also keeping active.

How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 6

You should also take into account external factors that may cause the animal to feel more hungry and this gain weight. A stressed cat usually eats more and faster out of fear of running out of food, or simply because it is ravenous. Try to create a relaxed and peaceful environment so it can eat more slowly.

Another factor to consider is the temperature where your little puss lives. In cold weather, the animal will need more calories to stay warm, and less in hot climates.

How to Make a Cat Lose Weight - Step 7

If, after making all these changes to your pet's routine it still fails to lose weight, we at OneHowTo strongly recommend seeking advice from your veterinarian because there may be an underlying problem that is causing this weight to pile on. We also recommend, before modifying their habits, speaking to a veterinarian to help determine a healthy diet and exercise program for your cat.

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Roseann Graham
This article is a helpful guideline. It illustrates a couple of things we can definitely do better with our cat. We pay attention to her, but we are not doing the right things.
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It can be tricky Roseann, but you should get there with perseverance!
I have two cats but I don't have a very large apartment, it's like a studio. My cats don't want to go outside and even if they do they just walk for like a minute max because their lazy. I'm scared that if I don't help them soon enough they may have complications with their health. Is there anything I can do to help them be more active? (they don't like toys either) Also one of my cats are way fatter than the other and I have both their food and water bowls in the same room because I don't have enough space to separate them, so he's constantly overeating when their supposed to be sharing (also I'm at work almost all day sometimes and I'm afraid that if I try portioned and planned meals that they would become hungry since I would only be able to do that when I'm home) Is there anything I can do to help?
Shannon Mason
How can I put one cat on a diet when there is another cat in the household that definitely does not have a weight problem?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Shannon
We recommend feeding your cats in separate rooms or in the same room on different levels. Alternatively, you could feed them at different times, but this would require closing the door while one eats so that the other cat doesn’t enter the room.
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How to Make a Cat Lose Weight