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How to Give My Dog Syrup

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Give My Dog Syrup

The health of your dog is essential and it can sometimes be heart-breaking to worry when we witness signs that the dog might be sick. When your dog suffers from an illness or is not well, the vet will recommend medications in pill or liquid form. It is possible that at first you've never thought about how to give a dog these kinds of medicines. However, you will notice that it may be difficult to give your dog syrup or pills. Our dog may refuse the syrup when you try to administer the medicine and, after several attempts, it can be a headache. On OneHowTo, we will explain how to give a dog syrup to help you and your dog deal with the situation smoothly.

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Steps to follow:


Dogs are not used to eating strange flavoured substances and that is how they may perceive the syrup. If some humans will turn their noses up because they know the syrup is bad, it's not that unlikely that your dog will reject the syrup since dogs have a much greater sense of smell than humans do. When you have to give your dog medicine in pill form, it is very common to hide it in a slice of bread or other food, but that does not guarantee that the dog will eat it. We cannot hide syrup in food and if we have to give it to the dog several times a day for a while, we cannot give our dog so much food, especially things like bread or other foods that are fit for human consumption.

How to Give My Dog Syrup - Step 1

If your dog should take some syrup from a young age or if the treatment is temporary, it is best to relate it to something good. A big hug after the syrup along with verbal encouragement means the dog can associate the syrup with a positive response on the part of the owner. Do not directly show the dog the syrup when it's medicine time, because it will only make the dog feel uneasy. Below, we explain the best way to give your dog syrup.

How to Give My Dog Syrup - Step 2

If you try to give your dog syrup as you would with a person, the result will be negative. Firstly, because it is likely that your dog will reject the smell of the substance, and secondly, because the dog may spill the medicine everywhere. Try using a plastic syringe without the needle. Do not show your dog the syringe so they do not focus their attention on that, but rather quietly approach the dog, caress the animal and prevent the dog from seeing the syringe. Next, use your hand so they cannot open their mouth, you can do this by caressing them a little, and then enter the syringe (without a needle) in one side of its mouth and then put the syrup into the dog's mouth. Do not do it very fast, because the syrup will all blow out and the dog may spit it.


The most important thing is that your dog does not detect that you are doing something unusual, but rather approach them with a calm demeanour and show the dog lots of love. Once you've given the dog the syrup, give your furry friends lots of praise. Giving your dog the syrup may be more difficult if the dog is very excited, so it's best not to try to give the animal medicine just after playing with it or when you go to take a walk because surely your dog will know it's time to get out and will be more excited.

How to Give My Dog Syrup - Step 4

Be patient. Patience is critical when you decide to have a dog, so when you try to give them syrup, you must remember to be patient. If you see that your dog gets nervous when you try to give them syrup, wait a while and try again, otherwise, when you will need to do it again it will be harder. Do not try to give them syrup by opening the mouth fully and by squirting all the liquid in at once, because you can cause the syrup to enter the airway, causing the dog to choke. Now that you know how to give your dog syrup, you just have to try. Off you pop!

How to Give My Dog Syrup - Step 5

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How to Give My Dog Syrup