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How To Bathe A Puppy For The First Time

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Bathe A Puppy For The First Time

A new pet is always a cause for celebration and a perfect excuse to play and have fun. However, with that comes a great deal of responsibility as all animals need care and attention. Cleanliness is, of course, a basic requirement and many new owners might wonder how and when to bathe a puppy for the first time. If this is you, don't worry! Here at, we'll provide all the details you need.

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Steps to follow:


Unless a puppy has skin problems, there are no specific times at which you need to bathe your dog. Rather, it depends on your puppy's level of activity, how dirty it gets, if its coat smells, etc. Currently, veterinarians recommend only bathing your dog when it is necessary.


For puppies, most experts agree that they should have their complete vaccination before being bathed for the first time. This ensures that they are sufficiently protected and that their immune system is strong.


Before bathing your dog, always brush and check their coat, making sure their skin is in perfect condition, unharmed, and that there is no trace of fleas or ticks. This is to ensure that your puppy is healthy.

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Remember that the bath is a new experience for the animal, therefore you should be very affectionate, particularly careful and patient to make it as pleasant as possible for your pooch. If your puppy is small you can put it in a sink, basin or container, so you can better control the situation.

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Gently massage and stroke your puppy to relax it and make it feel safe. Also remember other details such as using warm water to minimize any discomfort.


Another important aspect, especially for long-haired dogs, is to get them used to a hairdryer from a young age. It is important that the coat is dry to prevent irritation and fungus from growing on the skin. Put the setting of the hairdryer on low to prevent the loud noise from scaring your furry friend. Also, make sure the temperature is perfect, ensuring it is not too hot, as this can burn your dog's skin.

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Dogs should not be bathed too often because doing so removes the skin's natural protection and might be harmful. Do it only when necessary. If you need to bathe your puppy before it has been vaccinated, the best option is to give it a dry wash, i.e. using wipes and towels rather than water.


In addition, if your puppy needs a bath but you do not feel able to do it safely and effectively yourself, take it to your veterinarian or dog grooming for a specialist to take care of things. If you feel nervous about this, ask if you can accompany it during the process.


For a step-by-step guide on how to bathe your dog at home, see this article.

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How To Bathe A Puppy For The First Time