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How many Puppies Can a Shih Tzu Have

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How many Puppies Can a Shih Tzu Have

Do you have a shih tzu dog and want to have a litter of beautiful puppies? Well, there are some things you should know before your dog falls pregnant. In this article we will share some facts about reproduction, pregnancy and its symptoms, and some factors that determine the size of the litter. As a responsible owner, you must know this information before allowing your dog to fall pregnant. In this OneHowTo.com article, we'll explain how many puppies a shih tzu can have.

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Before your shih tzu dog has offspring, you should know certain things about the pregnancy. Bitches are pregnant for between about 59 and 63 days. This breed can have a litter of between 1 to 10 puppies. In general, it is common to have between 3 and 6 pups, which is quite remarkable considering the size of the shih tzu breed. One puppy may already be too much for a dog. In fact, they often require a cesarean section at birth because their small stature makes it difficult for them to give birth naturally.

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You should know a few facts about reproduction before your shih tzu has puppies. You must wait until your pet has been in heat at least once beforehand, which normally lasts between 10 and 20 days and occurs twice a year. It is also crucial that your dog has reached its adult size before undergoing the stress of pregnancy and childbirth. At best, you can plan three pregnancies throughout their lives and you should choose a male weighing no more than 2 kilos more than your female. Do not mate two very small dogs because puppies may be too small and suffer many problems malformations.

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One tip that you should take very seriously is to carry out the necessary analysis to determine any congenital diseases before mating your dog. Also avoid crossing bloodlines that are linked closely. G

Generally, the most favorable time for conception is between days 9 and 13 of being in heat. If you do it in that period, it is more likely that your shih tzu falls pregnant. Although the easiest way is to take your dog to the vet a month after it has mated, to carry out an ultrasound. You will begin to notice certain signs that may indicate that your shi tzu is pregnant. Many dogs undergo many changes in their character, so if your pet is usually quiet, it may be more hyperactive. As the pregnancy progresses, you will see how her abdomen and vulva swells, her nipples become larger and you'll notice her desire to nest.


Despite these signs, it is convenient to go to the vet to be sure and see that all is well. In addition, once the pregnancy is confirmed, the vet will give you good advice on prenatal care. These recommendations are important for the health and welfare of your pet and their future offspring. You'll have to start feeding your shih tzu with food with a high percentage of fats and vitamins. Your veterinarian will monitor the pregnancy after the initial ultrasound to determine the number of pups and to make sure they're all fine. It is also possible to have another ultrasound during the final trimester to ensure that everything is developing normally.

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The number of puppies your shih tzu bitch will have will depend on various factors such as the breed itself, your dog's age and reproductive technique. The size has a significant bearing on how many puppies your dog will have. The average is about 6, although some may have just one puppy, whilst others will have 10.

The mother's age is one of the determining factors in litters. Generally, older females tend to have fewer puppies and vice versa. With regards to the reproductive technique, it has been found that artificially inseminated dogs have much smaller litters than those that are mounted naturally.

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My female shih tzu is expecting 8 puppies but has only 6 developed nipples with two others at the front that are hardly noticeable. What if she has more pups than nipples?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Jackie,

Even if the mother had 8 accessible nipples, it is unlikely all of the puppies would be able to nurse at the same time. The mother usually lays on her side when feeding, often meaning half the nipples can't be reached. The puppies will take turns to feed.

However, since the litter is so big, it is true that we need to be careful about milk production. Ensure the mother has everything she needs in terms of nourishment so she can produce enough milk. Keep an eye on the puppies to ensure all are being fed and if they look undernourished, you may need to feed them with puppy formula.
Annemerrie Ransier
How many shuts tux puppies can a bitch have. My had 11 in her first. We are waiting now for her sceond,I'm hoping it's not as large,because she
Not a very good mom. This is her last time
OneHowTo Editor
Hello Annemerrie,

11 puppies for a Shih Tzu is a lot. The normal range is between 1 to 5. Some have more, but 11 puppies for a toy breed is a lot and it may have compromised her health.
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How many Puppies Can a Shih Tzu Have