What To Do If My Cat Is Limping

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What To Do If My Cat Is Limping

If you have just realized that your cat is limping, you can be sure that there is some underlying cause for this: anything from being stung by a bee to having broken bones. The first thing to do is determine the cause of the limp, thus you can help your pet recover as soon as possible.

At OneHowTo we want to show you what to do if your cat is limping so you can heal it as soon as possible and it can walk normally again.

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Why is My Cat Limping?

As mentioned, there are many things that can cause a limp for a cat. Here we list the main ones so you know what to do if your cat is limping and so you can help it recover faster.

  • Wounds on their pads (the soft spot they have on the bottom of their paws)
  • Infections of the extremities
  • Injuries of the claws or feet
  • A hematoma from a nasty blow
  • Joint problems
  • Fractures or breaks of a bone or muscle
  • Tumour
What To Do If My Cat Is Limping - Why is My Cat Limping?

Examine your cat

To know what to do if your cat is limping we recommend that you examine the area to determine the cause. When you look at the area you should find some external element that may be the cause of the limp, like a spine or object that is stuck between the pads and so on.

If you notice that your cat has leg injuries, it may be because it has stepped on broken glass or a sharp object. These wounds in cats usually heal on their own.

If you have not found any foreign objects, the next thing to look for is if the area is inflamed. If so, the limp may be caused by a bee sting and it is highly recommended that you extract it with your fingernails or tweezers. Inflammation can also result from spraining or breaking a limb. If you suspect this has happened, it is best to see your vet for a check-up.

Helping Your Cats Recovery

Just like with people, animals also require a recovery period after injury, so if your cat had a sprain or a broken bone, it is essential for it to recover completely by following the guidelines recommended by the vet.

Rehabilitation may mean that your cat needs some specific exercises to exercise the injured area, or it might also need rest; in any case, a professional should always be the one who tells you what to do.

What To Do If My Cat Is Limping - Helping Your Cats Recovery

Our Advice

If after examining the area you still do not know what to do if your cat is limping, we recommend that you visit your vet to determine the exact cause of the limp. The opinion of a professional is always important and will help your cat live a safe and healthy life.

If your cat is not limping but has some other kind of wound then you can read about what to do here.

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What To Do If My Cat Is Limping
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What To Do If My Cat Is Limping

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