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What is an Angora Cat - Facts and Personality Traits

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is an Angora Cat - Facts and Personality Traits

Cats are mammals belonging to the species of felines. They are so used to living with humans as pets. Although they can be trained just like dogs, deep in their minds lie some concepts which they retain for simple, natural mechanisms. There are more than fifty types of different breed of cats: fluffy ones, lighter ones, darker ones or spotty ones. There are also some genetic mutations that have led to hairless cats as a result or even some without tails. One of the breeds of cat is known as the angora cat. In this article we explain in detail what an angora cat is.

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  1. Physical aspects
  2. The temperament of an Angora cat
  3. Taking care of the Angora cat

Physical aspects

The angora cat has its origin in Angora - now known as Ankara (Turkey). It is one of the oldest breeds around. Often, many cats are wrongly named Angora because they have fabulous long hair, although they are not of this breed.

An angora cat is small to medium size cat, with an elegant appearance. The weight in females varies between three and three and a half kilos and in the case of males can exceed four and a half kilos. They have semi-long, very silky white hair. The tail stands out for having a lot of hair. In males, you will note a proud mane around the neck once they reach two or three years of age.

The hind legs of angora cats are higher up than the front ones and the tail is lower than the rest of the body. The ears are large and pointed, and the eyes are large and oval. The colour of this cat's eyes may vary between amber, copper, green, blue or odd-eyed. It is possible that blue eyed or odd-eyed Angora cats are deaf, so they may have a louder voice because they can't modulate the loudness of their voice. If your Angora cat has blue or different color eyes, you should bring it to the vet to make sure it is not deaf (note that having a deaf cat is not a major problem and the animal will be able to do everything normally).

What is an Angora Cat - Facts and Personality Traits - Physical aspects

The temperament of an Angora cat

Angora cats are intelligent and loyal to their masters. They live in contact with humans and like tranquillity. They are very cuddly cats and often go behind the owner for attention. However, they don't usually like to be caught much in arms, they prefer more gentle strokes.

They are cats that are curious observers. Usually in a corner of the house, they watch the movements of their owners. Furthermore, it is a kind of agile cat that likes to climb to observe things from high places.

They are clever and you'll be able to teach them some commands and tricks. They are delicate cats, rarely breaking home decoration. Although they are playful and it is advisable to have a unique fabric toy for them.

Taking care of the Angora cat

Just as with any other cat, it is important to control its weight and not leave it get too fat. Specially in the case of Angora cats, this is even more important, as this cat has fine boning and too much weight could be harmful for the animal.

Angora cats are very active and love to run and play, so you should make sure it has its own toys and adequate cat trees.

Brushing Angora cat's fur

The same that happens with other cat breeds with long hair, the fur of the Angora cat should be brushed everyday to prevent knots. The coat is relatively easy to take care for, so only brushing it every day will be enough.

In OneHowTo we explain in more detail how to take care of a Turkish Angora cat.

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What is an Angora Cat - Facts and Personality Traits