How to treat mites on cats

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to treat mites on cats

If your cat has access to the outside world and has started to lick and scratch itself too often it may have mites. You may also find small oranges dots throughout its body or even a black liquid in their ears. If this is the case, your feline friend is infected with mites and we must take urgent measures to eradicate this disease. At we explain how to treat mites on cats effectively get rid of them.

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Steps to follow:

Mite's larvae (Neotrobicula autumnalis) are one of many parasites that are found in lawns or fields, and that access the skin of our hairy friends to feed on their blood and become orange over time. Mites must be taken very seriously because they can kill your cat.


Mites tend to attach on the most sensitive and fine areas of your cat. The most common areas are: amongst its fingers, internal legs, arm pits and, above all, in the auricle. If you check these areas and see some small insects of an orange colour, it is clear that your cat has mites.


Once the presence of mites has been detected, the best option is the use of external anti parasites, if you use it properly it will end the condition. You should use it in spray format taking into account the parts of the body where the insects were located. What you must do is pulverise once a week all the sensitive areas in your cat so it's truly effective and end the concentration.


After having pulverized and sprayed all dangerous areas, you must ensure your cat does not lick itself for over one hour or swallow the pesticide as it can be deadly.

A good way to stop it licking itself is to give it the anti parasite before lunch, because then your pet will be distracted and thinking about its food and not in the product you have just put on it; meanwhile it will be acting.


As mites lead to itchiness which can be very uncomfortable and your cat will scratch, its skin may appear a bit inflamed and swollen; the best way to alleviate this feeling is taking the animal to the vet who will give it some anti-inflammatories so it can get better.


If you are wondering whether there are vaccines to avoid mites, we can confirm that there are none. There are only repellent methods to alleviate the effects and doing away with the parasites. On your part the best you can do is prevent your cat from being outside and coming into contact with the field and above all be on the look out should its behaviour change.

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Susan Fitch
What kind of spray form? I live in Ecuador and have spent almost my entire life rescuing animals, however in all of this time, I've never had a mite infestation, and it's been very frustrating.

I have been using Diatomaceous Earth, and Neem oil in other areas. However, I live alone and worry that the cats will try to run when I approach them.

If you have any advice, I would be grateful. (I apologize for the length of this message.)
I rescued a kitten that
has bad ear mite and I don't have the funds to cure it,
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Negra,

We recommend you take the kitten to your local animal shelter and ask for help with treatment. They can provide information on programs which help people to pay veterinary bills. Calling a vet's office and asking about similiar programs won't hurt.
I think my feral kitten has mites and now I have them. Can you offer some advice? I have cleaned carpets and bedding twice now to no relief.
janie shaw
We have Had this problem twice. It has spread to me. I have property and therefore rats. Cats are bringing the rats and baby rats. I am now suffering.
Angela Plowman
My she cat Socks aged 11 loves to go outdoors into the garden but during late summer started (as in previous years) to scratch her ears around her anti-flea and tick collar and lick in between her toes. The vet's nurse said she could not detect any mites in Socks' ears nor in her coat but in the past the vet recommended an anti-parasite spray but Socks is very difficult to treat and runs off whenever the spray appears. I have tried spraying onto a pair of rubber gloves and wiping her coat with it and try to wipe her feet but this is extremely tricky also. Any other ideas on how to do this for such a jumpy cat would be very welcome. Thank you!
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Angela,

I know it can seem mean, but do you have anyone else who can hold Socks down while you apply the medication? It is probably the best way to help you do this as quickly and painlessly as possible.
please help my cat has shaking of head and sore in ears she is inside cat
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Yolande,

If your cat is shaking their head, scratching at their ears and/or has a build up of wax, it is possible they have mites. However, you will need a special medicated ear spray/ear drops to treat the mites and this needs to be prescribed by a veterinarian. Also, although the symptoms suggest the presence of ear mites, there may be something else as the root cause of the problem. This is why it is important to see a vet as they are able to give an accurate diagnosis and suggest the right treatment.

Good luck and we hope your cat gets well soon.
How to treat mites on cats
How to treat mites on cats

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