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How to Leave my Cat Alone for a week 

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Leave my Cat Alone for a week 

Cats are self-sufficient animals that take care of themselves, however when we have to leave our home for a long period of time, at least a week, we have a problem. Dogs adapt easily to change so we can bring them with us, but for a kitten the move can be a great upheaval and it's better to make preparations to leave it attended at home. At we give you the answer to the question, how to leave my cat alone for a week.

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Steps to follow:


If we go away on holiday or for work, it's best for the kitten to stay at home and have someone stop by every three days to refill its water and food, to check that everything is okay and to give it some company.

How to Leave my Cat Alone for a week  - Step 1

If we can count on someone to help, it's better if the person and our pet have already met each other beforehand, because otherwise it may feel frightened by a stranger in its home when its owner is away.


Leave two bowls of cat food for the kitten to eat. Don't worry about the animal suddenly eating all the food because felines act with restraint in this regard.


To leave our cat alone for a week, we should also fill two bowls with water. Combined with the food, this will be enough food and drink for three days and after this time, someone should go fill them both.

It is best if they are water dispensers or fountains, because the water in regular bowls will evaporate pretty quicky.


We should leave all the doors inside the house open and stopped with chairs and other furniture to prevent a gust of wind from closing them and locking our cat in a place where it doesn't have access to food and water.

How to Leave my Cat Alone for a week  - Step 5

The second alternative to leave our cat alone for a week is to take it to a friend's place. Just keep in mind that by doing this we run the risk of the animal not adapting and trying to escape, plus there's a good chance it will damage chairs and furniture with its nails.


Make sure you leave your cat some toys around the house so it can be entertained. Other advice includes leaving some of your clothes around so it can recognize your smell, leave at least one blind up so the cat can be entertained and leave the heating on in winter so the cat is not cold.


In recent years, new businesses have emerged that are boarding catteries. This is a rather expensive option, but it can be useful at the last minute. Just keep in mind that if your cat is not used to being in contact with other animals, it can feel threatened and strange, but there are very experienced employees working in the cattery.

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How to Leave my Cat Alone for a week