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How to Give Syrup to a Cat

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Give Syrup to a Cat

The administration of medication in cats is not an easy task, but if your feline pet is to start treatment, you will have to learn the easiest way to give them the medication required. If your cat needs to take some kind of syrup as a medicine, we recommend that you read this article so you won't have any problems. On OneHowTo we tell you how to give syrup to a cat.

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Steps to follow:


It is generally much easier to give liquid medications than pills to a cat, although it is true that each cat has a tolerance level with regards to drug administration. To start, you have to keep in mind that syrups have a very strong odour and they should be camouflaged a bit with some wet food. It is a good recommendation to mix food with syrup and your cat will be easily tricked.

Grab a bowl, choose a pate that is very tasty, put the prescribed dose of syrup in, then cover it completely with the wet food. You see how your cat will approach the dish with great curiosity and the cat will lick the container.

How to Give Syrup to a Cat - Step 1

Another way to give syrup to a cat is with a plastic syringe. If the liquid is not too thick, this can be a good way to administer this medication. You have to put the prescribed dose into the syringe (without a needle), take your cat in your arms, take the cat's head and keep it tilted upward. You will not need you to open the feline's mouth, simply insert the tip of the syringe in one side of the mouth and gently squeeze it and the liquid will be swallowed by your pet.

You must be very careful because while administering any syrup as the cat may not feel the urge to swallow it. The syrup should not be administered very quickly because it could be diverted into the cat's lungs.

How to Give Syrup to a Cat - Step 2

It is usually believed that the liquids are a very quick, easy and effective way to give medication to cats, but if done with little care there can be quite a shock. In fact, the syrup is usually rejected by cats. It may be that once you put the syrup in the cat's mouth, the animal will begin to regurgitate and make a lot of foam around the mouth.

It is a reaction that shows rejection and extreme displeasure. In that case, it is recommended that you dilute syrup with a little water and try again with the syringe to administer the medication.


One last recommendation for giving your cat syrup is to use the technique consisting in mummification by wrapping your cat in a towel. It's a trick that will help you keep your cat calm and even more relaxed and confident. You have to cover the entire body of your cat, and leave the head uncovered. It is a very useful method to administer all kinds of drugs, including syrup. To have your cat wrapped well, avoid any traction, scratches or escape attempts.

You can place your feline on a raised surface so you can grab the animal with one hand and with the other administer the drugs. If you cannot do it alone, ask someone else for help to hold your cat while you insert the syringe into the side of the cat's mouth. Remember that in the end you should give your cat a good prize for their co-operation. Caress you cat and show them love.

How to Give Syrup to a Cat - Step 4

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How to Give Syrup to a Cat