Why Do Cats Eat Grass - All Possible Reasons

Why Do Cats Eat Grass - All Possible Reasons

Nature is wise, there's no doubt about it. Flora and fauna have shown us many times that they have various highly sophisticated mechanisms that help them adapt to their environment and it's all to reproduce and survive. Cats are felines and they are known for their intelligence and cunning. Although we are used to living with them, there are many aspects that we do not know about our feline friends. If you live in a house with a garden or an outdoor area, you've probably experienced a strange behavior in your feline friend and now you wonder why your cat eats grass. Well, the truth is that this is not as strange as it might seem, and the reasons are more consistent than we may think. If you've ever asked yourself: why do cats eat grass and plants?, keep on reading this OneHowTo article so you realize you do not need to worry about this perfectly natural behavior.

Is it good for my cat to eat grass?

You've probably seen your cat strolling through the garden, stopping in front of a clump of grass to eat a little green. You may also have seen that, after a few minutes, the cat begins to retch and regurgitate, that is, to vomit out food via the mouth. Thus, the cat removes any food that has not been digested when it manages to sneak away. But why on earth does a cat eat grass and plants? Sometimes cats that are in contact with the outside capture small prey such as mice or birds and eat with fur or feathers included. As a result, parts of animals, such as bones, can not be digested and need to be expelled. This is where we find the first answer to why cats eat grass. It's about a method to take care of the stomach, eliminating all matter that can not be digested and, in this way, the cat feels much better. In fact, many experts agree that this behavior can be positive for cat health. If your cat has eaten something recently hasn't agreed on your cat's stomach, it might go in search of grass to induce vomiting and thus feel better. Grass has enzymes that cannot be digested by the stomach of the feline, so this is why vomiting occurs.

However, it is also important to know what foods are bad for cats since that could harm their health.

Grass as a food supplement

According to experts, grass is a complement to a cat's diet. Grass contains folic acid, a vitamin for positive cat development and it helps increase oxygen levels in the blood. Therefore, one of the reasons why your cat can eat grass is due to a deficit in their diet in the event that it does not have the adequate nutritional intake. As a result, the cat eats grass to supplement the diet and to provide extra vitamins. However, this is not usually the most common reason why cats eat grass.

Grass as a laxative

Another reason why cats eat grass is the laxative effect it could have on these cats, helping to ensure regular bowel movements and that's what makes us all happy. Sometimes cats can suffer complications in the digestive tract, in which this is obstructed by the accumulation of food debris - not happy times. Therefore, some types of grass can benefit digestion, stimulating and improving bowel movement.

Routinely, cats expel hairballs that accumulate inside them after preening and getting hairs stuck on the tongue and then these are swallowed deep inside. Over time, this build-up is expelled, but the hair can get obstructed in the digestive tract, needing help to expel it. Instinctively, the cat knows that eating grass can improve this hairy situation. It is a way to have cats respond to different situations.

Are all types of grass good?

Now you know why cats eat grass, you must also ensure that all plants that you have both inside and outside of your home are not toxic. Cats that have access to the outside often know what grass they can eat. However, you must also avoid using pesticides or fertilizers in the grass because if the cat eats it, the cat will die of poisoning.

In addition, we can buy special grass for cats in veterinary centers. These are very beneficial to the health of feline functions.

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