Why Cats Sleep so Much

Why Cats Sleep so Much

If you are the owner of a cat you have probably noticed that your cat spends much of the day sleeping. It is no secret that these animals, which are so agile and independent and with such a define figure, are also quite lazy. But why is this so? If you want to know why cats sleep so much, in OneHowTo.com we will explain in detail.

How many hours a day does a cat sleep?

We know that cats spend a lot of time with their eyes closed, resting. But how much of the day is allocated to this pleasant activity? Kittens, which need to save more energy and rest while their mother searches for food, spend nearly 20 hours a day sleeping.

The amount that adult cats sleep depends on several factors which can make this time variable. It will rest somewhere between 12 and 15 hours a day. It is clear now, cats sleep a lot!

Why cats sleep so much: to conserve energy

The fact that they spend around 70% of the day asleep is due to genetics. Cats are programmed to spend the time in which they are not hunting or looking after their kittens in resting. This way they save energy and use it only when they really need it.

Although your cat is domestic and does not hunt it is genetically programmed to follow this pattern.

Why cats sleep so much: due to temperature

One of the factors which can make the hours of sleep vary and make your cat sleep more is the temperature. In the colder months the cat sleeps more hours in order to maintain the body heat and saving energy. Do not forget that if the animal was free during this time of the year it would be much more difficult to find food.

Why cats sleep so much: due to a lack of activity

If you work or spend a lot of time outside of the house it is clear that your cat is alone for many hours. It is true that these animals are independent and that as long as there are toys at home they may be entertained for some hours. In addition, provided that they have a window or balcony close by, the cat may pass a long time observing what happens outside.

But there are also many hours of boredom and a lack of activity, a perfect time for the cat to decide to sleep a little. The absence of reasons to be active makes your cat rest even more.

Factors that may alter the sleeping hours of a cat

These are some reasons why cats sleep so much. However there are certain circumstances where it might sleep more or less, for example:

  • When in heat, where energy will be invested in mating and less in resting.
  • In the case of the cats this rest is less as the search for food requires time and dedication, leaving less hours for sleeping.
  • Also, when they are kittens they will sleep more.

If your cat sleeps a lot, it may become obese, which is not good for its health. You should encourage your cat to be active to keep it in a healthy state.

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