Why Cats Like Heights

Why Cats Like Heights

One of the things that most surprises us about cats is their attraction to heights, with cats often spending large amounts of time in high places. Although no specific cause can be assigned to this particular hobby, there are several reasons that indicate their predisposition for heights. So OneHowToexplains some of the reasons why cats like heights.


Height serves a metaphorical purpose in animal behaviour. Specifically, cats usually associate height with a sign of dominance, so if you have several cats in your house, you will have surely noticed that the most dominant cat is usually in high places, because this makes it more important.


Cats are observational animals by nature, so it's no wonder they like being high up, since it allows them to watch over their territory. Likewise, sitting in a high place such as a chair, table, window or terrace makes it easy to see what the people they live with or the people who are passing through the street are doing. By being on a high place they have more control over the things that are happening in the house, room or street.

Also, for stray cats, sitting in a high place enables them to be well camouflaged for practicing their hunting skills.


Cats are very sensitive animals, so in winter and in places where there are prolonged low temperatures, it's no surprise that you'll see your cat sitting on radiators.

Their proximity to heat is also associated with height, as high up places are better warmed by the central heating.


The sensitivity of cats is closely related to their sensitivity towards other animals. So don't be surprised if your cat chooses to sit in a high place often because it's trying to get away from what is causing their anxiety. This can be one or lots of things, from a dog to the noise and bustle that simply comes from the house they live in. Sitting on a high place implies that other animals such as dogs can't climb to where it is sitting. Cats are animals that don't like to be disturbed so they prefer to be alone on high places.

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