Why Can't Cats Have Sugar

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why Can't Cats Have Sugar

We love our pet so much that sometimes we forget that it is an animal and we want to spoil it in the same way as we would with a human. Therefore, some cat owners offer their cat sweet foods that contain sugar, which could compromise their well-being. Do you know why it is not recommended? At we'll explain in detail why cats can't have sugar.

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Firstly, it's important to point out that cats do not have any natural preference for sweets. This is because a cat doesn't taste sweet things with their taste buds, so it is an unattractive reward for them.

It is very unusual to see a cat hanging around wanting to try foods such as chocolate, biscuits or any other sweet.

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Some experts believe this is because cats have developed a defense system against this type of food that is harmful for your health. In fact chocolate is toxic to cats, just as some sweet products that contain milk can be very hard for the animal to digest, as it is an ingredient that contains Theombrine.

The reason behind this is because cats don't have glucokinase, a component usually found in the liver that controls glucose levels. As cats don't have this enzyme, they aren't able to digest chocolate properly.

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Despite all that, if from childhood your cat becomes used to eating sweets, then they will keep doing it, something that is extremely harmful for their health. Another reason why cats cannot eat sweets is because sugar produces a lot of flatulence and stomach cramps for them, affecting their intestinal transit and generating discomfort. It will also produce vomiting, high blood pressure and nausea in your cat.

Therefore, if your cat is used to eating sweet things, you should consult your vet so he or she can help you stop your cat from eating sweet products.


If you want to spoil your cat with something they'll find delicious, then there's nothing better than to give them kibble as a reward. Just remember that you should only do this as a reward, as they contain a lot of calories which can lead to obesity, especially if the animal is sterilized. Make sure you don't get into the habit of feeding your cat human food, there are plenty of different cat foods that you can give your pet so it doesn't get bored.

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Why Can't Cats Have Sugar
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Why Can't Cats Have Sugar

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