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Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair

Taking home a pet is just wonderful, but we should be clear that an animal requires care, medical care and affection, but also his presence at home affects the cleanliness of our home especially with hair. There are dog breeds that shed a lot of hair, which for some is problematic because it causes allergies and it is difficult to maintain your home clean and free of hair. However there are alternatives for those who do not want to face the problem of having hair all over the house, so on OneHowTo.com you explain which dogs shed the least hair so you can opt for a faithful companion without a hairy problem.

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  1. All dogs shed hair
  2. Poodle
  3. Yorkshire
  4. Schnauzer
  5. Komondor
  6. Boxer
  7. Doberman
  8. Dachshunds
  9. Shih Tzu
  10. Bichon Frise
  11. Other dog breeds that do not shed hair
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All dogs shed hair

Yes, it may be disappointing, but the truth is that all dogs shed hair because they have fur, an exception only applies to bald races. Climate change, food and animal health significantly influence this aspect, however there are pets that release large amounts of hair, as is the case with the Golden Retriever and others who do so much less.

If you are allergic to these animals then you must ensure that the dog as well as shedding less hair, the dog is also hypoallergenic, otherwise you generate discomfort. Finally do not forget that all dogs require regular brushing to reduce dirt and odors and maintain the health of their fur, so although the animal sheds little hair you must also provide care in this area.


A favorite dog for small spaces, the poodle is also one of the dogs that shed the least hair. This happy and active pet is listed as one of the top 10 most intelligent dogs and is ideal for those who do not want hair at home but want the company of a faithful animal.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Poodle


Another common dog in flats is the Yorkshire, a warm and friendly animal that tops the list of the dogs that shed the least hair although it has a thick coat. However it is important brush them frequently otherwise you run the risk of tangling and complicating the situation.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Yorkshire


The schnauzer is an active and playful dog, however, it has a very dominant character we must learn to control from the first weeks for it to become more affectionate. They are very intelligent pets that also have the advantage of shedding little hair, perfect for those not wishing to have the house full of hairs everywhere.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Schnauzer


There is no doubt that the Komondor dog has a very particular look and its hair is precisely what stands out. The fur of this animal is so curly and thick that very few hair falls out, which is a great advantage for their masters. It is a cattle dog so it requires daily exercise and good walks, which compensate with games and loyalty.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Komondor


The Boxer is one of the breeds most appreciated by lovers of big dogs, and also one that sheds the least hair making it ideal for those wanting a loving pet without having to spend all day sweeping up hairs. Yes, this animal needs to get out, walk, which requires attention from their owners.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Boxer


Imposing and grumpy appearance, Doberman are certainly excellent watchdogs, but are also obedient and loving pets that stand among the most intelligent breeds. They shed little hair but preferably should live in large spaces or perform a good amount of daily exercise, will also be important to deal with encourage socialization from puppyhood to reduce suspicious and timid character.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Doberman


Better known as sausage dogs for their physical appearance, dachshunds are kind, loving and with an excellent sense of smell also have a very short coat that is usually not a problem for their owners. It is a watchdog, that despite its small size, can defend very well.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Dachshunds

Shih Tzu

This animal usually has a rich and long coat, though it does not usually shed too much hair at home, which becomes a great advantage for their owners, accustomed to having them in an apartment. However you should know that shih tzus require good very frequent brushing, because it is important to take care of it just by having long hair.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Shih Tzu

Bichon Frise

Frizzy and bushy hair, the bichon frisé has a cheerful and lively character that makes it the perfect dog for the whole family, with resistance to children's games and willingness to faithfully accompany adults. It is one of the dogs that sheds the least hair and a great alternative for those seeking a small pet.

Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair - Bichon Frise

Other dog breeds that do not shed hair

Besides pets mentioned above, there are several options to take home that do not shed too much hair, some of which are:

If you've already fallen in love with a furry friend whose hair gets everywhere, learn how to remove dog hair from clothes and fabric and how to stop your dog from shedding so much.

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Which Dogs Shed the Least Hair