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Which are the Most Affectionate Cats

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Which are the Most Affectionate Cats

If you are considering having a new cat in the family you are probably getting informed about the different cat breeds and their characteristics. It is important that you know which the most affectionate cats are if you are going to live with it in a small space with children and other family members. In this OneHowTo article we propose a complete list of the most affectionate cats so you can get to know them and choose the new member of your family.

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Exotic shorthair cat: This is the cat with a more sociable and tranquil character. This is a cat that becomes attached to people very quickly and has no problem sharing their space with other pets. It has a docile and affectionate character and will always be hanging around wherever the family may be. Because of this it is a cat that does not tolerate loneliness and can even become ill due to it. The shorthair loves laps, so they're ideal to keep warm while you're sitting down during winter.

Which are the Most Affectionate Cats - Step 1

Somali cat: this is a cat breed that is also very sociable and quite rare. Its docile and friendly character makes it the perfect companion for homes where there are children and / or other pets, as it is very playful and can even be taught to fetch toys. Its main physical feature is that it is a feline with a semi long coat and a very elegant appearance.

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Cornish rex: It is another of the more loving cats that are also known to be very mischievous and playful. It comes from South West England and has a very unique physical appearance: its wavy coat. This is a fun animal that gets on well with children, with other cats and will likely end up being the leader of the pack.

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Persian cat: this is a very quiet animal that will be looking for a warm and comfortable place to lie down, always close to family. And it is also a very sociable pet which loves to be affectionate and to receive close attention. Persians are quiet and not very active, but love to be around people.

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Siamese cat: It is characterized by being one of the smartest cats there are. But besides this, it is also a very family oriented cat that likes to feel it's at the heart of the family. This breed of cat is very similar to dogs in the matter of receiving people: every time you enter the house, he will be waiting near the door. It is also an easy cat breed to take for short walks.

Playful and affectionate, the Siamese hates being alone, so if you have to leave for a few days find someone to go to visit it for a few hours, otherwise it could become depressed.

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Turkish Angora cat: Another of the friendliest cats is the Angora cat, a very playful and energetic breed that is always tinkering around the house. In addition, it is a very sociable animal that loves to be accompanied and get the attention and pampering of the family. They are also among the most intelligent breeds.

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Rag doll Cat: this is one of the more docile cats there are and it hardly needs training because it is quiet and obedient by nature. Its name originates in that, when its owner picks it up to stroke it and give it affection, it relaxes so much it looks like a rag doll. It is a very calm animal that hardly meows and which you will hardly notice when you are at home.

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Havana brown cat: these cats are very sociable and always want to play as they have a very active character. They are lovable, intelligent and affectionate; always requiring your attention to play, to pass the time or to get a cuddle. They get along very well with family members as well as strangers and they will not stop until you pay attention to them!

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Maine Coon: This cat comes from the United States and is a domestic cat with a very sociable and affectionate personality. Its most distinguishing feature is that this cat breed loves water and can be bathed without becoming stressed or having any problem. It is a perfect companion for families with children.

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There are also some tips and tricks that will help your cat be more affectionate because, unlike dogs, these animals tend to be more independent and solitary. However, you can get a little attitude change from your pet by looking for it around the house, kissing it, petting it and spending a while playing with it every time you get home.

Dogs are animals that usually wait for you when you enter but cats will be in some corner of your home. To have them be glad to see you, pay attention to them and give them affection every time you go in so that, in the end, it will ask for this affection directly.

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Which are the Most Affectionate Cats