When to Start Training a Puppy

When to Start Training a Puppy

The arrival of a puppy is always a happy event, as having a new pet can be very exciting. But it's not all cuddles and games, animals also require discipline so that they respect the rules of behaviour and so that coexistence is much more enjoyable for everyone. For this reason many homeowners wonder when to start training a puppy and at OneHowTo we answer this question, just keep reading and find out.

Myths about the age to train a dog

On the subject of training puppies many things have been said, but one of the most widespread myths is that the animal must reach a certain age, such as a year, before training can begin. This is not true, and actually, doing so could result in a problem for the owner and the pet. A dog that is a year old that has not received adequate training can become a problematic animal, biting furniture or ruining our stuff or not knowing when to respect our orders.

So when it comes to training, the sooner we start the better.

Learning simple commands, beginning at 6 weeks

Puppies usually are between 6 and 8 weeks old when we adopt them. From the very moment the dog comes to our house and even at that young age, we must start training them. At this stage the animal must learn basic things like where and when they can do their business, not to bite things, not to bite during playtime, not to bark too much and how to stay home alone.

From the very first moment the animal learns the rules of behaviour, in fact the sooner you do so the better, so you shouldn't be scared of teaching them all this in the first weeks. Be patient and persevere.

From 3 months, train the dog when you take them for a walk

To prevent the spread of diseases that may jeopardize their life, such as distemper or parvovirus the dog should not go out until they have had all the necessary vaccines, which is usually when they are about 3 months old. Once we start walking the animal it also needs to learn new rules.

Teaching them to respond to our call, walk on a lead, sit still and also socialize with other dogs will be very important if we want to be outside with our dog and ensure their safety. Just as you begin to walk them, you should train the dog to behave properly.

From 6 months, train the dog with complex orders

When the dog has reached 6 months it must now obey all basic commands and know the right way to behave away from home. It is from this period that we can teach them more complex orders, special tricks or take them to obedience school to learn what we have found difficult to teach.

It takes time and patience

The best thing for training your puppy is to spend 10 minutes every day training them, instead of doing a very extensive training session once a week. It is also important to persevere, be patient and give orders briefly and clearly, that's the only way you'll get your friend to understand what you are trying to teach effectively.

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