When to Bathe a Cat

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
When to Bathe a Cat

There are two things that are commonly known about cats: they hate water and they are very clean. Although both are true, if your cat is accustomed to being in contact with water from the age of a kitten, it would not hate it so much. Therefore, if you need to bathe them for any reason, the experience won't be as traumatic to the animal as if it wasn't used to water.

However, as we've said, cats are very clean. They lick their fur and groom themselves, and we only need to brush their fur often to keep them in perfect condition and health. So why would cats need to be bathed? In this OneHowTo article we're going to explain you the times when it's recommended to bathe a cat.

Steps to follow:

If you are new to looking after a cat, one thing is clear: cats are very different to dogs and require different care. Felines have their own cleaning system, grooming, which allows them to be perfectly clean without the need to have a bath.

A healthy house cat may rarely need a bath. However, as you never know when they may need one, they should get used to water. Ideally, this should be when they are a kitten, aged between 2 and 3 months, so if they ever need a bath, they can have one in a straightforward way.


In addition to grooming, if you brush your cat daily, they may not need a bath apart from in very specific situations because this habit will help to keep your cat even cleaner.


So when should you bathe your cat? The most common situations that may help them by having a good shower are:

  • When your cat's fur is greasy, dusty, muddy or dirty, as your animal will find it difficult to preen and thoroughly clean themselves.
  • When a chemical product or toxic substance has landed on your animal. In these cases, a bath is essential.
  • When too much grease has accumulated on a cat's coat, especially in long-haired cats, or when it is impossible to get rid of matted fur.
  • If your cat has a skin condition that requires the use of a special shampoo.
  • In any other situation where your cat's fur is affected and needs cleaning.
  • If your vet recommends it, for any condition.

It is possible bathe your cat at home but if your animal has not been accustomed to the process from kitten age, it can be really traumatic for both you and your pet, as the cat often turns into a wild beast. If this is the case, there's nothing better than taking them to the vet or a pet shop, so that a professional can give them the bath they need.

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If your cat lives indoors and it never goes out, there is no need to bathe it. You will only need to give it a bath when it has gotten its fur dirty, for whichever reason.

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When to Bathe a Cat
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When to Bathe a Cat

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