What to Do with my Dog when I Go on Holiday

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Do with my Dog when I Go on Holiday

The arrival of the holidays, no matter the season,is the perfect moment to escape from routine and enjoy a few pleasurable days of relaxation on your own or with your loved ones. However, going away on holiday can get complicated when you have a pet.

When our best friend can't join us, we become overwhelmingly concerned with the most common of questions: What to do with my dog when I go on holiday?

At oneHOWTO we'll offer different options and useful tips so that your dog gets the best care and attention when you're away on holiday. Read on!

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Steps to follow:

If your dog has a spacious garden where they can run around, play and do their business, you can leave them alone for a few days as long as you have a food dispenser for dogs that administers food and water to your pet on a regular basis so that they can eat in your absence.

You can find these food dispensers for dogs on sale at any pet shop; remember that leaving a lot of food for your dog to eat is not a good idea, as dogs can't regulate portions like cats can, and if they leave any food it will get spoiled.

Keep in mind that you can only leave your dog alone for a short trip, like a weekend or four days at the most. Also, your dog should be independent - you must be sure they won't be upset by your absence. If the dog is too dependent or nervous, this option may not be suitable.


Another good option is to leave your dog at home during the holidays and ask a trusted neighbor, close friend or relative to go and see them every day.

During these visits, the dog's carer should change the water, put out some food and take the dog out for a walk to do their business. This is a good alternative to taking the dog away from their everyday environment during the holidays, something which makes many animals nervous.


If your dog is friendly and you have someone you can trust who offers to take care of them, you can take your dog to a friend's house during the holidays.

Keep in mind that if other animals are there, or if the dog finds it difficult to feel comfortable quickly, it may be a good idea to take them to the place where they will be staying during the holidays beforehand so they can adapt to the new environment and its inhabitants.


Not all dogs can stay at home alone or familiarize themselves to another home. In these cases, it is best to leave your animal in a dog-boarding kennel during your holiday.

Of course, you should not choose any old place without checking it out first. If this is what you are going to do, we encourage you do some research on local kennels and shelters and ask your veterinarian for advice. You can also hire a dog-sitter or dog nanny and let them stay at your house; this is a very popular option with those who can afford it.


What do you do with your dog when you go on holiday? Do you have any tips or advice? Tell us in the comments section!

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What to Do with my Dog when I Go on Holiday
What to Do with my Dog when I Go on Holiday

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