What to Do if There's a Bat in the House

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Do if There's a Bat in the House

You would never want a bat flying or hanging inside your house, even it is your attic. It can be a frightening experience to have a bat inside your house, and it can be dangerous for your health too. Some bats may have rabies, and they may transfer the disease to you family members as well. So, read this article to know what to do if there's a bat in the house and how to get rid of it.

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Let it go on its own

If you have found a bat in your house, it is most likely a crevice dwelling one. Its fur color may vary from brown to gray in different shades. Most of the time, these are migrating bats or lost young ones. Wait for some time as it may find its own way out from an open door or window. You can help it by opening all the doors and windows that lead to the outside. Turn off all the lights in your house, and shine a beam of flashlight out of the open door or window. Bats are good at locating echo, and there are maximum chances that it will find its way on its own. Make sure that all the doors and windows leading to other rooms in your house are closed. Otherwise, it will go out of this room but enter another.

Grab it and leave

If the bat in your house is finding it difficult to find its own way, you will have to physically grab it and leave it outdoors. For doing this, follow these step by step instructions carefully:

  1. If the bat is flying around and becoming restless, then wait for it to become motionless and rest at a place. It is almost impossible to grab a flying bat, and you may even injure the bat if you try doing that. If you catch a bat while flying, it will panic and try to bite. So, wait for a few minutes and let it rest at a specific place.
  2. Once the bat has settled at a place, approach it quietly wearing thick leather gloves or using a fat towel. Gather up the bat while holding it lightly but securely, and place it in a box or container with a lid. You can also place a waste can, empty box, coffee can or any other object on the bat pressed against the wall or the place where it is resting. Then, slide a cardboard piece gently between the object and the wall. Keep the cardboard secured in place while covering the opening of the box, and gently turn it up.
  3. If you have captured the bat at night, take the box with the bat outdoors, find a ladder or deck, lift the container over your head, tilt it to a side and let the bat fly out. It is better to carry gloves, towel and a flashlight with you too, so that you can help it if it has problem flying. If you have captured the bat during day, wait for the night to fall and then leave the bat outdoors.
  4. Use your flashlight to see the bat flying away. If it is not flying, or if it is trying to fly but cannot, then probably it has an illness or injury. Gather the bat again, keep it in a container and call a wildlife rehabilitation office for help. Never place the bat in an open container or a bird cage, as bats are smart and can squeeze even through a crack of ¼ x ½ inches.
What to Do if There's a Bat in the House - Grab it and leave

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What to Do if There's a Bat in the House
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What to Do if There's a Bat in the House

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