What to Do if I Find an Injured Dog

What to Do if I Find an Injured Dog

Many of us would have no idea what to do if we were to come across an injured or stray dog in the middle of the street. In most cases, we want to help but don't quite know what to do for the best. So in this OneHowTo.com article we'll show you what to do if you find an injured dog and what steps you should take to get the animal the help it needs.

Steps to follow:

Just like if you were to find an injured person, if you see an injured dog the first thing you should do is stop to help. What's more, it is vital to remain calm. If you stop suddenly in your car, you could startle the animal or even cause an accident, so it is best to slow down and find a place to turn around and park somewhere where you're not endangering pedestrians or causing an obstruction.


Regardless of whether the injured dog is on the road or on the pavement, you should be aware that, in addition to being in pain, the dog will be very scared. So you should approach slowly, calmly and without looking directly into the eyes of the animal so that it doesn't get even more frightened and stressed.


It is important not to touch the injured dog straightaway. Slowly move your hand closer, palm down, so that the dog can smell it. If the animal accepts you, then you can try to calm it down by gently stroking it, which will also allow you, to some degree, to find out the extent of the injury.


If you have no idea how to help an injured dog because you were unable to identify what was wrong or what to do for the best, it is better to call the local animal rescue service, the police or another competent authority in your country, because they will know what to do. In the UK, the RSPCA has readers for scanning microchipped dogs to identify animals, and that way may be able to find its owner. They are also the only ones authorized to take the animal to a kennel; individuals cannot.


If you've checked its wounds and you are able to move the animal, you should take it to a veterinary centre, where it will be given all necessary care. In any case, it's very important to know that the moment you help the animal but are unable to find the owner, the dog becomes your responsibility, including the payment of veterinary costs and the obligation to provide food and shelter until you find a foster family.


If you think that this is going to be too much for you, you can ask for help from an animal shelter for things like medicines and feed, and they can even help you to try to local a host or adoptive family. But the dog must remain with you until someone else can take care of him. There are many charities that take care of animal rescue situations. Some vets may also have a special policy when it comes to treating strays.

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