What Is a Chartreux Cat - Everything you Need to Know

What Is a Chartreux Cat - Everything you Need to Know

The Chartreux cat, as its name indicates is a cat breed. It is also lovingly known as the French Short Hair Cat. The breed originates from France but has links to Turkey and Iran. It is one of the oldest breeds of blue hair cat. One of its main features is that it seems to be constantly smiling. It also has a beautiful coat which is an advantage for Chartreux cats living in harsher climates. On OneHowTo.com we'd like to give you a complete guide so we can answer your question: what is a Chartreux cat?.

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The Chartreux cat is one of the three blue-haired cat breeds. Along with the Russian Blue and the Thai Korat.


It is of a medium size and can weigh up to 7 kilos or 15lb 6 oz. The male is bigger and has a broad chest. An adult's body is muscular and strong. The female is smaller and less round than the male, although she is equally as strong.


The Chartreux cat has the head shape of an inverted trapezoid with rounded edges, especially in males. The ears are high and are usually erect, giving a sense of alertness. The nose has a slate grey color. Their eyes are rounded and large, with an amber color. Eyes can have from a gold tone to a more orange tone.


This breed of cat has a fur that is both short and dense. The color of the coat is a bluish grey and it has a velvety, bright touch.


The tail is thick at the base and it ends with a rounded tip.


As for the cat's character, it is a quiet and gentle cat. They call it the "cat-dog" as it pursues the owner all the time looking for affection. These cats are affectionate, but when they will want to mark the boundary and they makes it clear by rejecting any hugs or strokes. It has a strong and distinctive personality, but not an aggressive one. Take a look at the most affectionate cats list, where you'll also find this breed.


It is a cat with a big appetite. Especially if it is neutered, so it is appropriate that the owner of this cat controls the diet to avoid obesity problems.


This type of cat does not need special care and it does not differ much from the care of a British short hair cat. Avoid de-clawing your beloved cat at all costs.

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