What diseases can I catch from a cat

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What diseases can I catch from a cat

Your cat may appear to be healthy, but it can carry diseases that you may catch. Diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonotic diseases. It is very important that you practice excellent hygiene and you wash your hands whenever you clean out its litter box or clean it to avoid becoming infected with such diseases. In addition to taking it to the veterinarian for regular visits and for its vaccines. On we will tell you what diseases you can catch from your cat.

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This is the best known disease you can catch from a cat because of the danger it poses to pregnant women when you run the risk of being exposed to allergies. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite in the intestine of cats which is found in their faeces. If you are not pregnant, you can catch toxoplasmosis without realizing it, because the symptoms are similar to the flu, but pregnant women should be careful, because it can be very dangerous for the baby.


This usually occurs most commonly in hot weather, due to the increase of fleas and ticks. This disease is spread through contact with a cat infected by fleas and bacteria. If a cat is affected by this and scratches or licks you, you will catch the disease which will cause you discomfort, fever and fatigue; like a bad case of flu. Therefore you should have your cat dewormed and give it the treatment prescribed by the vet to keep your cat free of parasites.

What diseases can I catch from a cat - Cat-scratch


This disease can be lethal, if you suspect that a cat may have rabies, take extreme precautions and stay away from it. Call a vet as soon as possible for advice as to what to do with the cat.


Cats' parasitic infections are passed to humans through their faeces. Some parasites we can catch through their faeces are tapeworms and mites. To avoid this, carry out excellent hygiene when cleaning out your cat's litter box. However, if you are extremely worried, ask your veterinarian about the contagious parasites.

What diseases can I catch from a cat - Parasites

Respiratory allergies

If you have asthma you should not have a cat as a pet, because the glycoprotein in the saliva of cats, can cause respiratory allergies even asthma.

What diseases can I catch from a cat - Respiratory allergies

Consulting a vet

If you think you might catch something from your cat go to your veterinarian and practice excellent hygiene.

But do not worry, because if your cat is properly cared for and taken to its regular appointments both you and your cat should be free of disease.

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What diseases can I catch from a cat
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What diseases can I catch from a cat

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