What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure

Canine kidney failure is a common problem that occurs especially during the late adulthood of dogs. It may manifest due to a propensity to allergies by a genetic condition or because of diseases affecting the kidneys of the animal leading to a failure. Following veterinary treatment step by step is essential to ensure the health of your pet, which will also require a different diet to ensure a better quality of life. So on we explain in detail what you can feed a dog with kidney failure.

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Why is it important to look after the diet of a dog with kidney failure?

While following your veterinarian's instructions regarding the care of a dog with kidney failure, making a change in its diet will be critical as the animal has significant nutritional needs to attend to.

Its normal food is not suitable for these dogs because of its high content of phosphorus and sodium, as well as the type of proteins with which they are made. Dogs with this condition require a moderate intake of protein of a high quality.

Commercial food with prescription

So, what to feed a dog with kidney failure? Regular food is not a good choice to feed a dog with kidney failure, so it is important to use the Prescription food made especially for dogs with kidney failure as a major food supplement.

It is important to understand that dogs suffering from this disease have a very limited appetite, presenting anorexia, the smell of food does not attract them, they simply cannot eat. Thus it is important to choose flavors that appeal to your pet and consult your veterinarian about the most recommended brands.

What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure - Commercial food with prescription

Fresh and plentiful water

If your dog suffers from kidney failure it will be very important to keep it adequately hydrated, so the animal should always have fresh and clean water that is changed daily or even several times daily. Proper hydration will help eliminate toxins through urine, making the health of your dog more stable.

What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure - Fresh and plentiful water

Food prepared at home

Homemade food is an alternative that works as a complement to prescription food, however you must be clear that the preparation of food should follow the vet's guidelines and that under no circumstances can you cook with salt or other seasonings.

You should avoid using food that is poisonous to dogs and never give the leftovers of your own food, that will be very harmful to the animal because they cannot abuse proteins or eat salt or phosphorus. Some ingredients that an animal with this condition can consume are chicken, egg and potato although it is considered that too much can affect the animal's stomach because of its starch content, it is usually recommended homemade diets for kidney failure.

The homemade diet should always be administered by a veterinarian.

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What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure
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What Can you Feed a Dog with Kidney Faliure

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