What Are the Pros and Cons to Having a German Shepherd

What Are the Pros and Cons to Having a German Shepherd

People who want to introduce a new pet to their household should always check its habits and temperament before bringing it home. This will help you in judging which one is the best for you. Similarly if you are interested in having a dog like a German Shepherd in your home then you must do a thorough check to know how to interact with it and how it interacts with your family. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprise. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to know what are the pros and cons to having a German Shepherd.

Pros of German Shepherd

First of all, let us take a look at all the pros of having a German Shephard:

German Shepherds are beautiful

If you want a dog whom everyone will love at first glance then a German Shepherd will be the obvious choice. Their luscious coats are greatly admired by people. Also, when German Shepherds are trained well they grow up to be loyal and extremely well mannered pet.

German Shepherds are extremely energetic

If you have restless children at home then a German shepherd will make an ideal pet. It is full of energy and enjoys companionship. Its boundless energy also makes it a wonderful watch dog. Along with being playful, German Shepherds are also intelligent.

German Shepherds can be trained easily

They are amazingly obedient dog. Hence, training a German Shepherd is quite easy as compared to other dog breeds. German Shepherd can take commands and they can be taught to do a wide range of things and tricks.

Cons of German Shepherd

Now you know about the pros, let's take a look at some of the cons:

A German Shepherd can’t be left alone for a long time

German Shepherds are raised to follow commands and orders. So, when they are left alone for a long time they become restless. When they get no one to play with or to follow orders for a long time they tend to create havoc in the home.

German Shepherds are naughty in their early stage of life

When German shepherds are young i.e. a pup and in the process of being trained they try to push their boundaries. They will dig anywhere, chew anything they want and hence need to be controlled and trained properly. If your household contains lots of fragile items then bringing in an untrained German Shepherd pup is not a wise decision.

Also, you should be physically capable of handling this breed as they possess great strength.

German Shepherds sheds a lot

German shepherds have a double coat and hence they shed constantly. Even after regular brushing and grooming the shedding will continue to shed especially when the weather tends to get warmer. However, you can take a look at how to stop your dog from shedding so much hair if this annoys you.


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