What Are the Best Toys for Dogs

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Are the Best Toys for Dogs

Want to find the best toy for your dog? Well, read on! We will give you some tips to choose accessories that your pet will love to bits. There is a wide variety of toys on the market, and making a decision is not that easy. Toys are very important for the full development of your pet because they are very social beings, and playing will calm their anxiety. Moreover, they will have fun and strengthen the bond with their owners.

Here at OneHowTo we'll tell you what are the best toys for dogs so you can buy the one that best suits your dog's needs.

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One of the best options for dog toys are feed dispensers because they are toys that you can fill with all kinds of food. There is a great variety in the market, and you can fill them with any food for animals: Treats, cheese, ground beef, biscuits, dumplings... All options will be appetizing for your pet.

This kind of toys for dogs are particularly practical because they can be washed in the dishwasher, and they are the perfect incentive to play with and feed your pet at the same time. Your dog will be entertained and very motivated to get the edible prize.


A good choice are toys to play fetch. Dogs love to run and catch objects in their slobbery mouths! Even better, there are many options that you can buy or make yourself at home - it fits all budgets.

For example, there are transparent plastic bottles with holes at the bottom through which food falls out; a fun, stimulating game that will keep your dog entertained and motivated. There are also plastic buckets in different sizes that have little holes with food inside. The difficulty level can be adjusted according to the skills of your dog. These toys can be somewhat noisy, but they are very enjoyable for dogs.

Dogs love objects, so fetch games are perfect so that your pet can run and pursue the toy. Choose a ball that the dog can chew without risking its teeth. It should be flexible and that suitable for the size of your dog. You can also choose a soft rubber frisbee so that your friend chases and jumps to catch it.

On OneHowTo there are some ideas for you to make dog toys out of household items.

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It is important to stimulate your pet in a fun way to enhance their sense of smell and tracking abilities; you can do that with smelling games. For example, you could hide your dog's food anywhere at home. This will motivate your dog to polish its tracking and smelling skills.

Another great choice for your dog to play and train with are tugging toys; they're made of rubber or leather. Some have artificial fur, and some are even food dispensers. This type of objects entertains your pet while strengthening its bond with you. You'll catch one end of the toy and your tog will tug from the other end. If you teach your pet how to play there is no risk; if its teeth go beyond the knot, you have to end the game. This is a good way to train your dog to trust you and interact with you.

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An essential accessory for your dog are chewing toys. There is a wide variety of bones out there for your dog to chew on and play with. These are usually sold in different sizes according to your pet's jaw and they have flavors that dogs adore.

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Although it is a personal decision, there are dog owners who love covering their pets with toys, while others prefer not to give them any. Toys are important for the development of your dog, and ideally they should have between 3 or 4 toys to have fun and meet their specific needs.

Keep in mind that not all dogs like the same things, for example, a terrier is a breed that enjoys running and hunting. Dog breeds are grouped according to their traditional function: Hunters, shepherds, greyhounds... If you know well their nature and character, you will know what are the best toys for your dog and you'll avoid spending money on items that do not pique your pet's interest.

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And remember the best toy for your dog is your company: Go with your pet for a walk, run and play daily. If you want your dog's day to be even better, you can take a Frisbee or a ball to the park. And the fun can continue at home! If your dog is very active, a good option is that you chase them around the house. And why not hide a prize somewhere? The only limit is your creativity and the desire to share experiences with your dog.

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What Are the Best Toys for Dogs
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What Are the Best Toys for Dogs

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