What Are the Best Toys for Cats?

What Are the Best Toys for Cats?

Some of the best toys for cats are cardboards, rubber balls, catnips, toy mice, fishing rod, and of course a scratching post. We will give you some other ideas too...

If you have a cat, one of the highlights of the day is playing with them. Believe it or not your feline friend needs you to play, whether alone or accompanied. Play time is a moment to enjoy, to establish strong bondage from the time they are a kitten and to stimulate its hunting instinct, so take time each day to spend time playing with them. At oneHOWTO we explain what the best toys for cats are, suitable for all budgets.

Steps to follow:

There are many options for your cat to play with and enjoy. Each cat is different, but if there is something they have in common it's how much fun they have with bags and cardboard boxes. It's free and provides unlimited fun. So this is definitely one of the best toys for cats.


Another classic and fantastic cat toy is a rubber or simply a paper ball. A ball is one of the best sources of fun for your cat. It will be very happy, jumping and chasing it until they catch it.

A rubber ball is a very good idea because it has a nice texture, and they can pick it up with their claws and play without causing themselves any injuries. If you get your cat to play catch with you, they won't ever want to stop.

And let's not forget paper, if you have some in your hand that you do not want to throw away, make a ball with it and your cat will go flying by to get it. This is a cheap idea to make of the best toys for cats.


One of cats' favourite toys is certainly catnip. It's usually one of the best sources of fun for cats like balls, mice, stuffed animals, etc. Although not all cats love it in the same way, the smell always arouses much curiosity and gets them playing for a while.

You can buy natural catnip to put near their bed or scratching post or area where they like to play.


Another of the best toys for cats are toy mice. They might have catnip or even a rattle inside, but it depends on what your cat likes and above all, whether the noise makes them stressed.

You can play with your cat, trying to make them catch the mouse, that way you test their enthusiasm and hunting instinct, and when they catch their prey, give them a good prize.


Another way that your cat has great fun is by playing with a fishing rod. Your cat will spend hours running after it trying to catch it, you'll see how much fun they have and it will also keep them fit.


A scratching post is a great way to keep your cat very entertained. Apart from staying fit and scratching its claws, it will have a great time with the many fun possibilities this toy offers.

As well as having some very original designs and the typical surface for them to stretch out on and scratch, scratching posts also have many accessories to play with. This is a classic, and definitely, one of the best toys for cats.


And let's not forget that a cat's favourite distraction at home is looking out of the window.

Cats are fascinated by looking outside, and if they have a spot (preferably high up) where they can sit, they will spend hours doing it. If you don't have a specific place where they can climb up and watch the world go by, prepare a padded stool or stack a box near a window so they can look out and have a great time. It is free and entertaining.

If you want to play with your cat without toys, get some ideas from this article.

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