What are Rex Rabbits

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are Rex Rabbits

There are many kinds of rabbits, but the rex rabbit is special. It's name comes from the type of skin, as it's very velvety. They're very soft to touch and their hair is so thick you can hardly see their skin. Caring for this breed is much the same as caring for any other domestic rabbit. would like to explain what rex rabbits are like.

Steps to follow:

They have short and velvety hair. Their hair is thick and stuck to their body.


There are varieties of the rex rabbit in several colors: brown, cinnamon, blue grey, grey, white and black.


The rex rabbit usually has long and pointed ears, its head is like a hare's and it has a long nostril, quite a long body and strong,big legs. Its body is usually compact, hard and muscular.


The rex rabbit is usually very aware and intelligent.


Its weight varies between 2.5 kilos (5lb 8 oz) for minirex to 5 to 6 kilos (11lb to 13lb) in standard adult rex rabbits.


If you have this breed as a pet, it's important you know that it needs toys, big cages and it's better if you have a garden so it can run and jump.

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What are Rex Rabbits
What are Rex Rabbits

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