Top 10 Dog Breeds that Bark the Least

Top 10 Dog Breeds that Bark the Least

Clearly, all dogs bark as it's one of their main characteristics. However, some dogs do have a tendency to bark more than others, e.g. Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Poodles or Sheepdogs, whilst there are other dogs which have a quieter nature and only rarely make a noise, barking only in unusual circumstances. DO you love dogs but find the sound of a dog's bark extremely irritating? Look no further than this oneHOWTO article we'll give you a list of top 10 dog breeds that bark the least.

Basenji: doesn't bark but makes a noise that's unique to this breed

Basenjis have one extraordinary characteristic: they don't bark, or at least they don't make the usual bark noise. The sound they make is similar to a laugh and is very different from regular barking. They are therefore considered to be quiet dogs and perfect for those with sensitive hearing.

Its small size means it's the perfect dog for those living in a n apartment although, they are also very active dogs and require regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy.

Golden Retriever: playful but fairly quiet

Golden retrievers are one of the most intelligent, popular and adorable breeds of dogs and, as if that weren't enough, they also have a well-balanced character and don't bark very much. This animal barks at strangers or in excited situations, so are ideal for people with sensitive hearing.

Pug, small and quiet

If you want to chose one of the the quietest breeds of dog which can also adapt well to live in an apartment and barks very little, a pug is the perfect dog. This adorable animal does not need too much exercise and also has a very friendly and calm temperament and therefore rarely bark at anything.

Bulldogs, inactive and quiet

Whether you choose a French or an English bulldog, both make the perfect four-legged friend for people with fairly sedentary lives who appreciate a bit of calm and silence. and also they appreciate the silence. They require little exercise and are intolerant to high temperatures. In addition, they don't use barking as a way of grabbing their owner attention and tend to be quiet dogs.

Bloodhound, completely laidback

This breed of dog is truly calm and laid back, this is why it makes it to the top 10 breeds that bark the least. The bloodhound, which was bred to hunt due to its keen sense of smell, makes a sensitive, gentle and friendly dog which barks very little. It makes a loving family pet, though should be supervised with young children and requires plenty of exercise. Due to its tracking instinct, it can follow a scent willfully and therefore could run away if not kept on a lead.

Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel developed in the UK and was originally bread to hunt game birds, this may be the reason why it's so quiet. Graceful and obedient, the Clumber Spainel is also highly friendly and affectionate, making it one of the best breeds to have with children around.


Following the list of dogs that bark the least, most breeds of labrador are also fairly quiet. This is as long as you give them enough play time, as they are highly intelligence but don't tolerate being alone for long and need enough exercise, so your labrador will let you know its needs if they're not met.


One of the fastest dog breeds can also be pretty quiet at home. Though you may not think so, greyhounds don't need that much exercise and are very loyal to their owners and are highly docile and affectionate too.

Great dane

Don't be fooled by its size, the Great Dane is one of the dog breeds that barks least. Also known as the "gentle giant", this breed is great around both children and other dogs; this means no fights when walking your Great Dane around the park.


Last but not least, to conclude with our top 10 dog breeds that bark least, the Akita. This breed might ring a bell, as this breed's most famous dog was Hachiko, the dog that waited at the station for his deceased owner to arrive for years and years. If you didn't know the story yet, you might have got an idea of how loyal and loving this dog is.

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